Oh, Hey, We Won in Lord of Ultima!

That is us, JuggernautWarmachine, on World 3 in Lord of Ultima, list on the front page of the game.

Winners List

It only took about a year to win, though they didn’t actually put in the way to win until a couple of months back.

I know, details.

Winning will likely take less time now that there is, you know, a way to win.

Technically, “we” won is a mis-statement.  There were actually four alliances that worked in conjunction to win.  I was in one of the support alliances, JuggornautWarmachine (note the slight spelling variation) and I was only part of that because I still appeared to be “on the books” of another alliance I had left and thus got an invite when they merged.

So there is no little “Lord of Ultima” crown next to my name.  Not that I really deserve one.

I helped a little bit.  I sent excess resources and a few troops to help out, but mostly I played a very long game of SimCity as I figured out how best to build up cities.  I don’t think I altered the outcome in the slightest when it came down to it.

Still, I learned enough that I might actually know what I am doing should I decide to play again.

Not a bad game overall.  Definitely a team sport.

8 thoughts on “Oh, Hey, We Won in Lord of Ultima!

  1. Silkbert

    What was your name? I was part of that alliance for 4-5 months before I got tired of the game and quit


  2. Silkbert

    Hmm ok, I was in the top 80 for a while then quit, can’t remember which Juggernaut I was in, good to see that we won, is the game going to reset and start again now?


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I was 117th place at one point. Then it turned out that scores didn’t matter at all, it was just about building and evolving these shrine things.

    The game continues to run. You can use it for practice I guess. But the JWars are off to a new server that is supposed to launch today.


  4. Pendan

    I play on world 3. Started I think in second week the server came out. I was briefly in a guild that disappeared but have remained out of a guild most of the time. I think I have the only PvP enabled castle on my island that is not part of the guild that was in second place last I looked. They attacked me a number of times but never put serious effort into it.

    After a couple months of play I had built 10 cities and found the play rather pointless of just building more cities. So what I did was just starting optimizing for troop creation with existing cities and building no knew cites. I made one PvP enabled and sent troops from the other cities to protect it. So I ended up with a lot of troops but an overall low score. Whenever I was attacked it was by people 10 times my score or more and I got big defense bonuses. I was never rated very high in any catagory but my highest rating is for enemy troops killed. Only log in a couple times a week for a few minutes.


  5. Jenine

    Lord of Ultima was killed by EA in May of 2014…but it is rising from the dead courtesy of Gaming Addict Studios, a group of developers and strategy gamers from around the world who have come together to create a unique strategy MMO called Crown of the Gods™. It is past alpha testing and development is almost done. The forums and chat are up and running, players are already organizing alliances to jump on the Beta 3 release. There’s a current kickstarter that has already met goal to pay for the final graphics.


  6. roastedpeas

    I hope your post continues to bless Google; just seeing the above image of a game long gone brought me such joy. I was from World 5 DarkHandofValor and what a time it was to be playing! I still remember all the coordination efforts with mates I’ve only ever met with online: forever we are bonded in time! I ended #8 on the server with 255 cities: This game was hardcore resource management and I couldn’t commit to another stressful season! Cheers to you winner!


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