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Wanted: Suggestions for the Saturday Night Game

The Saturday night instance group had committed itself to EverQuest II Extended a few weeks back.

And then came the great haxoring of Sony and the disappearance of all SOE games from the face of the internet.

Raptr shows total playtime for EQ2X in the last week as “two minutes,” and I am not sure how somebody got that much time to register.  You generally have to get past the launcher for Raptr to start counting time, and you can’t really get by the launcher these days.

So the game of choice will not be available to us, a couple of us… well, Potshot and I, the usual suspects… are looking for something else for the group to play on Saturday night while we wait for SOE to return, and I am throwing it open for suggestions.

There are some parameters around what game will be acceptable.

  • The game should seat at least five, and ideally, six players.  Meclin might come along.
  • Those five or six players should be able to play as a group.  No repeat of our Battlefield Heroes experience where we were all playing, but not in the same match.
  • The game should not use up a significant percentage of our 3 hour play budget installing or patching.  This lets out most of the competing MMOs, so if you were going to chime in with Rift yet again, save it.  We’d be installing and patching all evening.
  • The game should be free or relatively inexpensive.  I think we would all throw down $5-10 for something good, but beyond that it would have to really sell us.

With those parameters in mind, who has a choice idea?

The default answer for the group would be to head back to WoW.  It has been the main game for the group for most of the last four years.  I would guess that most of our accounts are still active.

However, as a group we live in the shadow of WoW and its smooth and responsive interface.  One of the reasons I doubt we will ever go back to LOTRO as a group is that it does feel rough around the edges and somewhat awkward when you are used to WoW.  LOTRO would be an option for us.  We all have it installed.  It is free to play.  But  WoW is forever the yardstick for us on these sorts of things, and LOTRO’s feel doesn’t measure up for part of the group.

I fear that the same thing would come to pass if we went back to WoW before we got ourselves invested as a group in EverQuest II.  With the awkwardness we have faced running New Halas as a group, going back to WoW could kill Norrath as an option.

And, to be selfishly honest, I want to play EQII with a static group!  I want to succeed or fail based on how we do outside of New Halas, not because the UI isn’t as silky smooth as Blizzard would make it.

Anyway, since it appears that SOE will be down again this weekend, we are looking for another destination and I am looking for one that won’t derail our Norrathian adventures and leave us back in Azeroth.

So who has a suggestion?

Potshot and I have been exploring the possibility of playing Risk online, so don’t think the game has to be anything hardcore.  Simple fun would work.

SOE – Still Down, But “Make Good Plan” Details Released

No news on the “when will things be back up” front, but the “Make Good Plan” has been detailed here.

In addition, the details for the All Clear Identity Theft Protection plan have been posted here.

The announcement, for US customers, is quoted after the break for posterity.

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