SOE – They Are Back

Gah, I made this graphic a week ago.  Wish I could have used it a bit sooner.

Servers starting to come up.

It is 17:30 Pacific time and I am actually in EverQuest II Extended right now.

Still, I stand by my last post.  They could have said “try later tonight” or something to that effect.

Addendum: the finalized Welcome Back info chart is available here.

12 thoughts on “SOE – They Are Back

  1. Wizardling

    I’m not sure I care either… out of SOE’s games EQ1 is all I was playing beforehand anyway. It’s become hard to care about MMOs I don’t have a static group or friends in. I guess I’ve now got a couple months left in EQ1’s sub if I understood the ‘make good plan’. If someone wants a friendly person to form a static group with a couple times a week or so, get in touch –

    It’s not that I don’t enjoy other MMOs (besides Eve Online – my main game) nowadays. I’ve just been gone too long, or only been an occasional player.

    You know – while I think all these MMO social networks are dumb (hell, I hate Facebook enough), it would be nice to have some way to join mature like-minded players.

    *sigh* Well, nevermind. Sorry to be a bit of a sad sack, heh. It’s my nostalgia for the glory days of generation one MMOs at work. I blame Fippy Darkpaw! It reminded me of the ‘good old days™’ *grins*


  2. cyanbane

    @Wizardling we have a small group of us gen1 players still hanging out at guildm8s its fun and laid back and we are all trying new games (outside MMOs etc) all the time. Feel free to stop by.


  3. Green Armadillo

    Color me pleasantly surprised. Having it go longer certainly wouldn’t have helped any, but I hadn’t thought there was any chance of it happening so soon as of this morning.


  4. Genda

    Yeah they can’t even do this right. When I try to log on it tells me I need to reset my password. I do, then try to log on again. It tells me I need to reset my password. OK. So I try. “You have already reset your password” and it won’t let me in with either the old one or the new one.

    Die Sony.


  5. bhagpuss

    I reset all my passwords after the Playstation attack, while SoE thought they hadn’t been touched. Now I suppose I have to reset them all again.

    Since I’m playing Rift anyway, it’s not exactly a pressing issue but I suppose I’d better get it done today.


  6. bhagpuss

    And now I have completely broken my 11 year old account. I got the same issue as Genda. I then used the “forgot password” option to try and reset it again and discovered that I need the answer to the secret question that I set 11 years ago and have never used since. Which of course I can’t remember and, as it turns out, can’t guess in 5 attempts after which it locks me out with no further options.

    I can’t open a ticket because I need to log in to the account to do that. Going to have to call SoE tomorrow, which will be the first time I have ever needed to speak to customer service on the phone. At least there’s a U.K. number, which is news to me.

    What a ridiculous performance. Even I’m losing patience with them now. They seem incapable of getting anything right first time.


  7. Chordian

    Is it only me that thinks the “apology rewards” are somewhat tame? Double XP? Sheesh. After that period of downtime I expect free epics in my inventory and half a year of free subscription. (That’s an exaggeration of course, but I was hoping for more than that.)


  8. Genda

    Now it won’t let me log into the game. It’s saying; “This account is for an underage user. You are not old enough to access this game.”

    If I’m too young to access the game, then they mush have about 20 subscribers who aren’t.


  9. bhagpuss

    After extensive forum trawling I finally figured out my problem: passwords have a maximum of 15 characters and the new one I set was 16.

    Fair enough, my error. Would it be too much to ask, however, that the password reset form would give an error message when you try to set an over-length password, rather than just taking the first 15 characters, ignoring any extras and confirming you’ve successfully changed your password?

    Now I’m going to play Rift.


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