Staying On Task(s)

While I had not played much Lord of the Rings Online since last summer, I do keep an eye on what is happening with the game, mostly thanks to the team at A Casual Stroll to Mordor, which reports on the game in great detail.

Among the things that have shown up in game since my last serious play time are daily tasks.

That got quickly translated as daily quests, which are a common enough feature these days since they were popularized by World of Warcraft as end-game padding back with the Burning Crusade.

They are not my favorite thing.

Sure, I have done my share.  While the Burning Crusade set in WoW never thrilled me, I did go through the Argent Tournament set with two characters and did the cooking and fishing daily quests regularly.

But I was interested in the tangible results of doing them.  The Argent Crusade tasks essentially gets you exalted faction with all of the cities on your side of the world and access to heirloom items, while the daily fishing and cooking I wanted for recipes and cooking supplies.

But for LOTRO, the daily tasks appear to be only for local faction.  So when I picked up the game again while SOE was down, I saw the daily task boards, but ignore them.

I am ignoring you...

I did not really need a bunch of additional side quests was my thinking.

And then I got caught in a trough between quests in the Trollshaws.  I needed something to boost me up a level to make things a bit more manageable for my hunter.  And there was the daily tasks board with a big old “Quests Here!” indicator over it.

“Fine,” I thought, “It will give me something to do besides a raw grind to get to the next level.”

So I picked up the tasks, and only then was their true nature revealed to me.

It turned out that I had ALREADY DONE the tasks.

You see, the tasks all seem to be a matter of collecting the trash drops from mobs in the area, things you would normally just sell to a vendor, and things that would likely be cluttering up your bags if you had been running any of the quest lines in the area.

And my bags were very cluttered at that moment in time.

I actually just had to run back and forth between the board and the NPC to whom you turn in the quests a couple of times and I had done my five daily tasks.  And my bags were still full of potential quest items.

Of course Turbine will sell you something if you want to turn in more daily tasks.  And they are quite sly about hooking you on this.  You can pick up as many tasks as you want, but you can only turn in five.  Then you get a little info icon that, when clicked, tells you that you can purchase a task reset if you like.  Just 50 Turbine points.

Or, if you want to up the limit, you can get an additional daily task for 200 Turbine points.

I actually splurged and upgraded myself to 10 daily tasks.  As a lifetime subscriber I get 500 Turbine points a month, so I had some to spare.

And while the faction boost wasn’t a big thrill for me, the xp pop was good.  You do not get as much xp as you would for a normal quest at your current level, but the effort to get the xp is pretty low.

So daily quests were a big part of boosting my Hunter out of the Trollshaws and into Forochel.  And even there, the daily tasks helped me get faction with the locals who seem dubious of outsiders until you have proven yourself a bit.

So, all in all, the daily tasks have worked out for me.  I probably have a little less silver in my pocket, since I am no longer vendoring all that stuff, but it is helping me inch, ever so slowly, to Moria.

4 thoughts on “Staying On Task(s)

  1. Rinfeld

    Tasks are pretty much useless to 65’s, but I am loving the extra XP & rep that my captain can get from them at level 20. I just save my junk & then check the task board before I log out for the day.


  2. flosch

    I always felt like tasks might have an additional raison d’être. As a free player, bag space is a precious commodity, and my bags were constantly clogged by all these task items. It might be a sinister move to encourage people to buy more bag space! Curses!
    Maybe it’s just me being a pack rat, though.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Latrodanes – I do skrimishes now and again, but don’t find them fun enough to make a regular event. I run my favorite (Ford of Bruinen) to get some tokens now and again for equipment, but I’d rather explore new places.

    @Flosch – I am at max bag space and I still run out of slots. I am in the pack rat club.


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