Pokemon Regional Championship – Question of the Day

Tomorrow is the Pokemon Video Game Regional Championship here in Silicon Valley.

And I was hoping my daughter and I would be able to at least go see how things look this year, having gone to the regional championships last year as well.

Nintendo has at least chosen a nicer venue this year, and given all the work that went into the Pokemon Black and White tour, I have some hope that they will step it up a notch this time around.

But, if you had not heard, tomorrow is also the Rapture, at least according to the revised Harold Camping view of things.

So my immediate thought was, at what time is the Rapture supposed to occur?  Will it come before the event or after?  If I decide to enter, will my chances be improved?  How much overlap is there between those destined to be saved and competitive Pokemon players?

And what will this do to the parking situation down town?

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Pokemon Regional Championship – Question of the Day

  1. wizardling

    It’s already been rapture here in New Zealand for six hours, and let me tell you – it’s dull, dull, dull. I expected at _least_ a volcano in my backyard by now. If _I_ was running the rapture there would be decent special effects! I mean how I supposed to know the rapture is even happening without a good light and sound show? I’ve already complained to familyradio@familyradio.org

    *sighs* I might go watch some more NCIS since nothing is happening. What a letdown this rapture has been :-\


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Well, technically, I think May 21st is supposed to mainly consist of people disappearing, if I recall that comic book I got in summer bible camp correctly. So I am thinking traffic congestion is going to be the key sign, with abandoned cars sitting mid-lane to obstruct those of us left behind, and maybe an occasional airliner crash if the whole cockpit crew gets raptured mid-flight.

    According to the Reverend Camping (and there is a name that has to be a humor gold mine) the world isn’t going *poof* until October 21st. That is when you get your backyard volcanoes I think.

    And the Pokemon Championship Series will be over by then, so it should not influence the outcome any further.


  3. wizardling

    You’re telling me no volcano for FIVE more months?? *frustrated sigh* I guess that means I’ll have to start mowing the lawn out back again. Great… :-(


  4. P@tsh@t

    Sorry, not been keeping current. How, if at all, are body thetans and 707s related to the post rapture volcanoes? Discuss.

    I for one welcome our new spiritual overlords.

    Extra points– what is the likelihood if you stop paying your mortgage now you’ll be evicted before October 21?


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