When You’ve Given People a Reason Not to Hand You Their Credit Card…

It is probably a good time to highlight how potential customers can pay with cash.

During the US Memorial Day weekend, May 27th through 30th, SOE is having another bonus Station Cash event.

Yes indeed, a triple Station Cash event.

Unlike the previous double Station Cash offer, this one appears to only be good if you redeem an SOE game card.

$15 for 4,500 Station Cash is a good deal, if you were looking to buy some.  I might grab a card to finance copying a character over from live to EQ2X to give the guild another in-house crafter.

A pity it only applies to Station Cash.  Some of the cards can also be used to pay for your monthly subscription, and if Sony really wanted to move some cards off of store shelves, adding “Double Subscription Time” to “Triple Station Cash” would probably do it.

Will you be getting any Station Cash?

Would a double subscription time option tempt you?

6 thoughts on “When You’ve Given People a Reason Not to Hand You Their Credit Card…

  1. emeraldtablet

    I think Sony has completely lost its direction. Again, they waste time and energy whoring themselves out by means of fleecing customers out of additional money. That is not the means to re-establishing a good client relationship. Realize that imaginary money at any price is still imaginary.

    Rather why not try and rebuilt the relationship with active participation in the worlds they have created, with GM run events and tighter channel security to rid the games of SPAMMERS?!?!

    This isn’t about them making money, at this point. It should be about branding their product and recreating enthusiasm and loyalty.

    I cannot see how this can be done by screwing people out of more money to play their games?


  2. bhagpuss

    I don’t think SoE game cards are available in the U.K. which is irritating. I’d buy a couple and get DoV with the triple cash.

    We are starting to see quite a lot of game cards in retail outlets over here, though, so maybe one day.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – I had not thought of that. You can buy the expansion with Station Cash.

    Not that the expansion does me much good around level 20. I think it gives me access to another set of things on which to spend AA points.


  4. Green Armadillo

    These promos serve the dual purpose of trying to convince brick and mortar stores to stock station cash cards, by driving artificial demand for them at specific times. No one notices if you sell 20% more cards because the rate is consistently 20% better, but the theory is that someone will notice if you occasionally sell out and have customers asking if you have any more because of a periodic bonus weekend.


  5. flosch

    I guess the only way for us non-US people to make use of that offer is by getting our game time codes online. Potentially via credit card. Which reduces the whole idea of subscription-by-cash ad absurdum. Though I’m not too horribly worried about it. I bought game time codes from a reseller before that was fast and reliable, and they seem to have SOE cards too. Now I just have to decide whether I want to partake…

    However, not having an obvious plan for their non-US customers seems to go well with the remaining somewhat ill-conceived offers and the overall feeling that SOE, if not dropped the ball, then at least not picked it up graciously from the ground where it was after 2 weeks of downtime.


  6. Shadow

    Having jumped back into my EQ2 addiction with this welcome back campaign (and a little help from my pain meds), I think I may grab a $15 card, redeem it this weekend, and buy DoV with it.


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