Daily Archives: May 24, 2011

No Rapture, Preacher “Flabbergasted”

This has got to be the best Yahoo! headlines I have seen in ages, worthy of posting just for posterity.

The Rapture did not happen (or maybe it did and we just didn’t notice as so few people went) so we have the lead story on the from page of Yahoo! framing poor Harold Camping, still here among the sinners.

First, A+ for headline.  That is a hard one to top without getting too arch.

Second, it is followed up by some excellent understatement to balance out the headline.  He has been left in an “awkward spot” and had a “really tough weekend,” which makes you want to click on the link and read the whole story.

I wonder how much time he spent worrying that he didn’t make the cut for the rapture?  Or if the thought even entered his mind.

Then there are the related stories, which follows the classic comedy triple:

  1. How Believers Reacted (reactions were “mixed”)
  2. Doomsday Gone Wrong (makes it sound like a bad thing)
  3. Zombie Apocalypse tips (because we’re probably laughing already)

And, finally, there is the picture they chose.  Looks like he is swallowing a pretty bitter pill right there.

Anyway, no less than Sir Isaac Newton calculated that the Rapture could not take place until 2060 at the earliest.  Anybody trying to call an earlier date is going to have to prove they are much smarter than the namesake of one of my favorite cookies.

(Yes, I know, not actually named after him and not, technically, a “cookie.”)