SOE Screws Up Again – Bogus Race Pack Lock on Characters Copied to EQ2X

I got an instant message from Gaff earlier in the day.  He said that characters he had copied over to EverQuest II Extended, characters that contributed greatly to our dash to guild level 30, now appeared to be locked.

The message given, “You do not own the appropriate race pack for this character.”

So as soon as I got home, I checked my own account.

Sure enough, one of my characters has been locked as well.

Score another blow against SOE.  The EQ2X forums are… well, I won’t say lit up, as they tend to be pretty quiet and heavily moderated… but it is a key topic of discussion at the moment.

Even when you select the character in question, the play button is grayed out.

However, it seems that if you simply select the character in question and hit the enter key on your keyboard, you can still log the character into the game.

I petitioned the issue and got a very quick response.

This is GM Dratanico in response to your petition. There is currently an issue where some privileges are not working correctly on players accounts in regards to toons and their races. We are aware of this problem and are working to find out what the issue is. Please be patient while this issue is further investigated and please hang in there for us. Keep an eye on our patch notes for more information on when this will be fixed. Until then if you need any other assistance please feel free to let us know and we will do our best to help you out further.

A pity they didn’t mention the enter key solution.  Just the usual “we’re working on it, please be patient” boiler plate.  I fear we have had a lot of that over the last few weeks.

So the error seems to be primarily visual, but it will no doubt lead to a load of petitions and support calls… and more bad feelings about SOE.

3 thoughts on “SOE Screws Up Again – Bogus Race Pack Lock on Characters Copied to EQ2X

  1. angry gamer

    I know this will sound harsh but I do mean this as a sincere comment. At what point do you give up on a serial bad performer?

    It’s obvious that Sony is not investing the required resources into SOE/Online systems to present a quality gaming experience. So why stay?

    Isn’t this like staying in a bad relationship?… you know it’s going to end someday (looks like soon)… and you are getting the feeling that it will end badly.

    Why stay? – Really this isn’t a troll and if you take it that way please don’t reply it really is not meant that way.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Well, I actually enjoy the game… when it is up and SOE hasn’t done something to annoy me yet again. I have fun playing EQ2. But sometimes I just want to take the company by the collar and shake them, like when the Senior Producer talks about the down time as no big deal and business as usual for his team. It makes you wonder how much thought they put into their “make good” plan.

    They have a good thing here, if they would try a little harder.

    And for a different perspective, the pattern on this blog is that I complain about bad aspects of games I otherwise really like. If I am griping, it is because I want things to be better. I want to write the post about how they made things better.

    Games that I simply do not like never get a mention here.


  3. bhagpuss

    @Angry Gamer (I know you weren’t asking me, but still…)

    If any other MMO company ever makes any games as good as EQ or EQ2, then I might stop playing them. Until that happens, however, SoE pretty much have a pass. Also, I find their endless incompetence kind of endearing.

    The bit I actually have the real issue with here is a GM using the word “toon”. I’d submit a complaint about that if I got it in a reply.


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