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EQ Progression Servers – To Kunark or Not To Kunark?

While the SOE downtime got in the way of the original plan for the vote, things have settled down and it is now time (I think) for players to decide whether to allow the Ruins of Kunark content to be added to the two EverQuest Progression Servers, Fippy Darkpaw and… uh… that other one… it begins with a “v” or something.

In my mind, there is no downside to adding this content to the game, an opinion I do not hold for some of the later expansions.  Once the Plane of Knowledge comes in the game is as good as done for me most likely, as it was the first time around.

But Kunark is good.  It is the one EverQuest expansion I approve of without reservations.  And it will bring good things to the Progression Servers.

For the people who are hard core, who have been sitting at level cap since early March, it will give them something new to do.  They do represent a significant portion of those paying for the privileged of playing in this retro vision of the game.

For those nearing level cap, it will thin out the population, which is quite heavy in the higher levels zones, and allow them to progress.

And even for the likes of Potshot and I, the dilettantes who are sitting at level 21 still, this will give us a few new places to explore in our casual tour of the realms.

So who could possibly be against adding Kunark?  Well, there is always somebody… and they usually post to the forums… like this person.

Please cast your vote as NO to Kunark on Fippy Darkpaw!

A large contigent of players have been adversely affecting the game because they are “bored” with the original content.  Rather than enbale these dubious and immature players, it would be in the best interest of the community to discourage and supress them with a NO vote on Kunark.  Game rule violations go unadressed and these minions of selfisness have been encouraged to flourish.

Many of us have been eager to open Kunark and proceed forward, but recent events have caused us to cast our votes to decline it.   Your NO vote on Kunark will hopefully supress these negative minded players for the betterment of Fippy Darkpaw for years to come.   Another vote will be opened before long, and we can proceed forward at that time, minus a portion of these goons.

Quite the classic bit of specious logic.  People who have waited a couple of months, and behaved badly in the process, are not likely to be deterred by having to wait another week or two, especially when SOE has given us all a free month for the downtime.

That people are behaving badly, that the issues with open dungeons are being fully exposed (GMs have to enforce queues for certain mobs), is probably quite true.  But as to how to treat the problem… I am pretty sure that this is not the way.

So the vote it up in the polls option in EverQuest now, and runs through June 6th.  Potshot and I cannot vote, however, as you need to be level 31 (it says “within 19 levels of the cap”) in order to participate.

But if I could vote, I would certainly vote yes on opening up Kunark.

How about you?

Kunark or no Kunark?

EVE Introduces a New Currency – Aurum

I wondered why the clothing selections seemed so sparse when I was creating my avatar with the new EVE Online character creator.

There will soon be a lot more clothing choices, and they will be for sale.

CCP will be introducing a new currency into the game, Aurum, which will be used to buy things from a new in-game store.

The current plan is for this store to sell vanity items only.  From the dev blog post:

There will be a store, and it will have all kinds of stuff for sale: clothes and accessories for your character, custom paint jobs or logo placement on your ships or a fishtank/stripper pole for your Captain’s Quarters. You’ll browse through the list of items available and, when you’re ready to make a purchase, you’ll use a new currency called Aurum (AUR).

You will use PLEX to buy this new currency.

But in the grand EVE tradition, anything purchased from the new store can be re-sold again on the open market for ISK, so you may be able to get your customizations that way, if you want them.  Or you can just buy PLEX on the market.  Either way, if you have the ISK, you won’t need to spend extra cash on this sort of thing.

But somebody will.  Somebody has to buy the PLEX first, though judging from the supply on the market last I checked, there seems to be ample volunteers.

The store will be showing up in a few months, and CCP promises to move slowly on adding items to judge what the impact on the economy will be.

What would you like to see in the EVE Online vanity store?