That Don’t Look Right…

We were out in the Commonlands for a few things over the weekend, and at one point as I was running back towards the docks, I noticed that the Freeport skyline had changed a bit.

Looking towards Freeport

I do not recall the main tower leaning quite that far over… or leaning at all.

In fact, wasn’t that tower floating previously?  Did we have a Ringworld event?

And the flames erupting from its base, just visible in this picture when viewed full size, seem to be new too.  Though if the tower crashed down on the city, I shouldn’t be surprised that something caught fire.

Or maybe it just landed on that tire fire that Lucan D’Lere used to keep burning to cast a pall over the place and keep everybody fearful so he could continue to extend his emergency powers.

Obviously something has been going on while I was away.

Meanwhile, certain mounts seem to have been granted considerably more off-road traction.

Horse with a creeper gear

With that sort of traction, I might be able to ride up the side of that tower, the way it is leaning.

I’ve obviously been away too long.

7 thoughts on “That Don’t Look Right…

  1. Tipa

    Yeah, Lucan was betrayed, his tower brought down, much of West Freeport is in ruins and Lucan himself is nowhere to be found.

    I don’t know how the world can continue without the Overlord’s steady hand at the tiller!


  2. Shadow

    Tips: any links to a place we can find more info about what went down.

    TAGN: should see the inside if freeport! ruined walls, collapsed structures, slaving goblins. Good stuff.


  3. bhagpuss

    There was an attempted coup as well, but that’s been put down. I’m pretty sure Lucan is still around.

    Freeport is supposedly getting a major revamp later this year (as is Qeynos) so maybe he’ll reappear then.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I will have to log onto Live. All of my characters on Guk are Freeps, but on EQ2X I made New Halas the focus of my characters. (As did most everybody who didn’t choose Kelethin instead it seems. There seems to be 4 or 5 instances of the Frostfang Sea running during peak hours, and 2 Greater Faydarks.)

    I have seen the EQ2 team refer to a revamp, although they seem to mention Freeport only in the posts I have seen. I figured it was going to be another round of anti-Qeynos bias, the roots for which go all the way back to day one EQ.

    A reduction in the number of zones in either city would be welcome in my book.


  5. Green Armadillo

    This was part of the main story arc of the Sentinel’s Fate expansion (2010). Raiders who got to the end of the final zone of that expansion eventually rescue Lucan, but I don’t think he’s actually shown his face in Freeport as of yet, which may be why they’re doing that city first.

    In any case, the revamp is likely not going to be live for several months, since it has yet to hit Test.


  6. Arieltalia

    This is why I have chosen to play LotRO over EQ2, and many other games that follow the same paradigm.

    If you aren’t a raider, you won’t ever experience the main storyline. That is absolute crapola. Raiding should be optional, and especially not required for gameworld-changing events.

    Thank goodness Turbine understands.


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