The Odd Quests of Fallen Gate

Saturday night found us short of a full group again.  It was just Gaff, Earl, Potshot, and myself in EverQuest II, so content that I was hoping to introduce to the whole group, Stormhold or Crushbone, had to be set aside for another evening.

Still, there we were and we needed something to do.  Finishing up the Dwarven Work Boots quest from the previous week slipped my mind, perhaps because the majority of what was left was the 72 minute wait for the boots to be made.  We could wrap that up on another night.

Instead we headed to the Commonlands and to Fallen Gate.

Gaff got out his mystic Chuggs and his berserker Sixo and mentored Earlthedogwo, who was level 21.  Potshot got out his warden Deneldir, and I opted for my swashbuckler Sedgewick.  So the group was:

  • Sixo – Level 82 berserker (mentoring Earl)
  • Chuggs – Level 82 mystic (mentoring Earl)
  • Deneldir – Level 29 warden (mentoring Earl)
  • Sedgewick – Level 24 swashbuckler (not mentoring)
  • Earlthedogwo – Level 21 berserker

I did not mentor with Sedge because I wanted to get him to level 25 and the coveted scout ability of escape.  With that you can pull the whole group to a safe spot in the zone if an when things go bad.

We had no real problem assembling, except for Earl dropping connection while he was riding towards me at the docks at the Frostfang Sea, which caused him to continue in a straight line out into the sea.

Earl heads into the deep

And then there was a bit of a mix-up about where Fallen Gate actually was in the zone that ended up with three of us taking the griffon to one station and two taking it to another station.

Eventually though, we were inside the doors of Fallen Gate.  And I didn’t even start in on, “I remember when there was an access quest to be able to get in here….”

Spelling up inside the zone

My worry about Fallen Gate is that, being on the Freeport end of the world, we might not be able to find many quests to drive our time in the dungeon.  Yes, we could just go in and kill stuff, but it is nice to have a set of tasks to help you gauge, if nothing else, when you are done for the evening.

The listing of quests shows 69 quests that involve the zone, but I was only sure there would be one quest would be available to us.  At the entrance, there is a quest to find Mr. Burpbelly, a halfling who has gone missing in Fallen Gate.  That was at least something we could take care of.

And getting to Mr. Burpbelly was not an issue.  There were four or five other groups also in the zone, including a group that appeared to be on the same quest just ahead of us, so the path was pretty much clear.  We had to kill just enough in getting to him that Sedge hit level 25.  So when we found him…

Mr. Burpbelly in the Pot

… we were able to use the ability escape to zip back to the start of the zone and turn it in.  There the quest giver, Logan Belchbottom, gave us another quest that asked us to slay things between him and the zone exit, but seeing as there was really nothing between him and the door, that did not seem possible.

As it turned out, killing 10 of anything in the zone finishes the quest, so that was taken care of pretty quickly, leaving us with no quests for the group.

Individuals had quests.  Items drop in the zone that start quests, but they only start the quest for one person and cannot be shared.  So while I had a quest for gloom snakes, somebody else had one for undead rangers.  That ended up with us simply ignoring these quests for the most part.  Instead we went exploring, looking for named mobs.

Exploring Fallen Gate

And, as I have noted previously, named mobs seem to be up, if not 100% of the time, then with a frequency I would put at somewhere around 80%.  With Sedgewick using his tracking skills, we were able to spot a named in a multi-story building just to the right of us in the above picture.

While there, we also found a clickable bookshelf that gave us all a new quest.

Bookshelf Quest Dispenser

Unfortunately, the fist step on the quest was to go speak to somebody in Freeport.  That was not high on our list of things to do.

We continued on, slew the named, then had Sedgewick use his skill smuggle, which is a group wide sneak ability, so we could all take a break and refill our glasses and such.

Smuggle break time

On returning, we pushed on further into the instance in search of named mobs and the special chests they drop.  We found a few.

Time for loot!

We even ended up behind a group who was killing but not looting their chests.  They left a master chest behind.  Chests are freely lootable after a timer specific to its type runs out, and the master chest they left behind had 17 minutes to go when we first ran into it, so we found some stuff to do in the area while we waited.

Waiting for more named

You can see that we now have a guild cloak pattern for Credence Qeynos Revival.  Sedgewick was the only one without an item in his cloak slot, a serious oversight since he was still sitting on a completed Frostfang Sea quest which gives a cloak as a reward.

We kept the area around the chest clear of mobs as they began to respawn.

Deneldir Smote!

Earl's Mighty Tulwar

I might have to turn off those target marking arrows.  They work well in combat, but look bad in screen shots.

Eventually the timer ran out and we were rewarded with a master level skill.  Somebody left that behind, so it was money in the bank for one of us.

At that point, it was about time for us to start heading towards the exit.  We had seen every point on the map, the group had no further  quests for the zone in common, and the hour was growing late.  We found another named mob or two as we fought our way back, but there were no more surprises.

Once out of the zone, we spent several minutes trying to setup a picture in front of the doors to Fallen Gate where we were not all staring at each other.

What are you looking at?

We failed miserably.  We need a “break eye contact” or a “look at the camera” or “look straight ahead” command to fix this.  Sixo managed to not stare, but even his minion, the mini goliath in the background, is staring at somebody.

And so we had a look into Fallen Gate, where we finished all of two quests.

Earl, with three people mentoring him, popped up to level 25 during the run, so he will have to switch and mentor somebody else when we get the full group together again.  If we get the full group together again in EQ2.  We haven’t been doing well on that front so far.