5 thoughts on “You Can Leave WoW, But Can You Get Away?

  1. Mark

    You probably don’t have to reactivate to get the items. Open a gm ticket, I think it’s wowgm@blizzard.com, and ask them to deposit the contents into the guild bank since your account is currently inactive. They’ll do a surprising number of things like that, so it can’t hurt to ask. Or if you want someone else to take over guild leadership, they’ll fix that for you, too.


  2. Carson

    Well I for one wouldn’t spend $15 reactivating an account for a week to recover that modest collection of tradeskill mats.

    I’m a little worried for my account – it did have an authenticator on it, but I had to remove it when I changed jobs and gave back my iPhone (which was just a loaner from work). But I’m not going to pay the outrageous shipping and handling to get a physical authenticator sent out to Australia.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    It turns out that a previously unhacked member of our guild has now joined the ranks of those who have been hacked. He let his account lapse, but hackers got in, used the 10 day Cataclysm trial offer to activate his account, looted it, then used it to spam for gold sellers which lead to the account getting banned. One of my links in the post leads to that very same story happening to another member of our guild.

    It looks like Blizzard discovered the hack and restored the items on their own, but our guildie still has to get on the phone to get his account unbanned and will have to subscribe if he wants to recover his item. Otherwise they will disappear as timed-out in-game mail.

    So, on the bright side, Blizzard seems to be on top of the hacked account detection and restoration side of things. This comes of much practice I assume.

    No word on Chinese government involvement, but if they are going to use their prison system to farm gold, why wouldn’t they devote other resources to help facilitate the operation?


  4. Gallaria

    The title of your great post has the song Hotel California going through my head. . .”You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”


  5. Darraxus

    Hacking is definately a problem. It took my account getting hacked to attach my authenticator to it. I though it would be an annoyance, but I found that it wasnt much trouble at all.

    I would definately recommend it to anyone. The aggrivation of getting hacked is much higher than that of entering a numerical code to log on.


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