LulzSec Hits EVE Online… Again

LulzSec, which brought down the EVE Online login server yesterday as part of their Titanic Takedown Tuesday, started tweeting about hitting EVE Online again today.

They already proved they could do it, but they did it again anyway.

For the Lulz, no doubt.

Of course, not everybody seemed to mind.!/ediblehearts/status/81103543767007232

Later, LulzSec went after bigger game, the web site.  But they have already honked off the FBI and the US Senate previously, so what could the CIA possible bring to the game?

What an age we live in.

One wonder what tomorrow will bring?

5 thoughts on “LulzSec Hits EVE Online… Again

  1. mbp

    It appears that the aforementioned group of hackers are not in it for financial gain, although it may only be a matter of time before one of them gets greedy. Given that I imagine they get off on the publicity it generates.

    In my own small way have decided to deny them a microscopic bit of publicity by not using their name in any public correspondence.


  2. Kydad

    I hate the idea of Govt regulating the internet, but when hackers do this shit, it effects all of us in the long run. How long will it take before the Feds pass regulation forcing us to carry registration cards to get online?

    So get your Lulz while you can, before the internet becomes a giant piece of red tape to access.


  3. Wizardling

    Oh please mbp, these script kiddies are NOT hackers. They couldn’t hack their way out of a wet paper bag if their life depended on it. Or if their packet of cheetos was outside it – you know, something _really_ important to them.


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