Incarna Sentry Drones… Not So Boring Any More?

EVE Online has the Incarna expansion coming out this week.  I am sure that will mean a few post patch patches.  These things happen, so plan your training schedule accordingly. (i.e. pick a nice long skill to train)

While the coming of Incarna heralds some exciting new features (people tend to like them and find them exciting or dislike them and get excited themselves on the subject) such as the Captain’s Quarters or a new currency with a cash store to go with it, I often find greater pleasure/amusement deep in the guts of the patch notes, and the Incarna 1.0 patch notes are no exception.

Deep within them you will find the following:

Sentry drones such as Garde, Curator and Warden were missing their firing animations. Thanks to the new turret system we can now witness their destructive power.

Hey, something I complained about nearly two years ago… and which no doubt existed for much longer… has finally been addressed.  No longer will sentry drones just sit there, doling out invisible destruction.

They might be shooting... maybe...

It makes you think that maybe, some day, we’ll actually be walking on stations with our new avatars.

But with new animations, the captain’s quarters, and… if I heard right… new nebulae graphics for space, I might have come back and take a look.

If nothing else, I am down to the last few pictures from my EVE screen shot contest.  I’ll soon run out of things to post at EVE Online Pictures, so I will have to go out and take some new ones.

Or maybe I can just hold another contest.

Would anybody be interested in a “Show Off Incarna” screen shot contest if I put up a PLEX or two as prizes?

Anyway, Incarna is about here as EVE continues to evolve.

6 thoughts on “Incarna Sentry Drones… Not So Boring Any More?

  1. DerMuffin

    Oh, it’s already two years that you complained about the missing sentry fire ?! When I read it in the patch notes I immediately was reminded of your post. ;)


  2. Vyzix

    Acontest may actually motivate me to login for something other than changing skills. Would be a good excuse to fly some ships I don’t have a use for yet as well.


  3. Dril

    I’ll try and take some SSs later on; hopefully the steam SS folder will work with EVE so I can just merrily take pictures all day. Plasma planets look proper badass.

    And, hey, a contest with PLEX as a prize would motivate me to spend an entire day looking for sights to behold :P


  4. SynCaine

    On the random comments thing: If someone asked me one thing I know about TAGN, I’d tell them that he won’t play an MMO where you can’t remap the “quest log” key.

    So yea…


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – No, that quest log key was not mapped at all, despite what the short cut key mapping card that came with the game said.

    Somebody needs to a retrospective post on all of the features that Mythic was harping about for WAR and note how many other games copied them.

    Public Quests were win.

    Tome of Knowledge… did any other company think that shoving all your game info, including the quest log, into one many-tabbed window with a standard enforced format and font size was a good idea? As much as I appreciate the flexibility of the Crescent wrench, I don’t use it to pound nails… much. I tend to be a “right tool for the job” person.


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