Quote of the Day – SWTOR

Shit yeah I want to join via holoprojector!

-Gabe, Penny Arcade

Gabe gets to talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic today.  An interesting read.

Plus Tycho’s post above it convinced me I can stop considering Dungeon Siege III.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – SWTOR

  1. Darraxus

    This is one of two games that I am truly looking forward to….the other being Diablo3.

    I try not to read to many of the articles because I want my own opinion, not someone elses. All of my friends will be playing, so that will be a major plus.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I know the feeling. I know I am going to play it, so I do try to avert my eyes to avoid spoiling it, which leads to an interesting relationship with the TORWars blog in my RSS Reader. Fortunately, they have very little to post about the game as yet.

    But getting a good/not so good excited/not excited impression works for me.

    Though now the whole “join via holoprojector” has been spoiled I suppose. But I loved that quote.


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