The Latest Title to Join the Free To Play Ranks is… Team Fortress 2?

Wow.  Team Fortress 2For free.

I guess I can finally break down and try it.

But man, that is kind of a big download…  and the web site is a bit slammed at the moment.

And there are some details.

Still… wow.

3 thoughts on “The Latest Title to Join the Free To Play Ranks is… Team Fortress 2?

  1. mbp

    Smart move in my opinion. I reckon just about anyone who was ever going to buy this game has already done so yet it remains one of the most polished most fun shooter experiences around.

    The only worry I have is that the learning curve is relatively steep especially now that there are so many experts who have been playing for years. The game could really do with some kind of matchmaking.

    I guess their “coaching” system is an attempt to get established players to help train up new players.


  2. mbp

    Hmm..I just played a few rounds. It seems that since I last played they have added training modes with bots to the game. That should ease the learning curve quite a bit.


  3. TheRemedy

    Best advice I can give is to play heavy or medic when you are first learning the game. Two relatively easy classes and it will give you opportunity to learn the maps.

    Also avoid the Lotus clan servers and any other server that uses fake player counts and gives players advantages for donations.


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