A New Least Favorite Mount

The flying carpet has long been my least favorite mount in EverQuest II.  I have disliked it since it showed up as part of the Desert of Flames expansion nearly 6 years ago.

While I was not very enthusiastic about the whole “Arabian Nights” theme of the expansion, at least the desert and the city of Maj’Dul stayed put.  I could sit in Qeynos or wherever and ignore the whole thing if I so desired.

But the flying carpets, they ended up everywhere.  A rare novelty at first, they soon seemed to reproduce beyond all reason.  Their eventual ubiquity and theme breaking nature kept the embers of my grudge against them going for years.  I still groan when I see something like this, which is all too often:

Horrible Fantasy Mash Up!

This picture should be hung up as a warning.

First we have a dwarf, in his pajamas I think, wearing something like a coolie hat, on a flying carpet, in the frozen city of New Halas.  And then, just to cap it off, there is a half-dressed woman riding a unicorn in the background.  The full effect of this scene could only be increased if it were painted on black velvet… or on the side of a van with custom rims.

And that the flying carpet has remained the subject of my ire for so long is actually quite remarkable when you have seen some of the truly ugly mounts SOE sells in the Station Cash Marketplace.  There are mounts in there that I would be embarrassed to ever ride in public.

But those eyesores remain rare, while I still run into flying carpets quite frequently.

However, a different mount has begun to annoy me more that the flying carpets.  It is both equally ubiquitous and an serious eyesore to boot.

The mount of which I speak is the gnomish hover-disk things with the propellers.

Frog on a Blender

These make the flying carpets look good. (And nice fae on a dinosaur in the background, yet another picture/warning comb I think.)

I mean, the flying carpet just explains its existence with magic.  Speed, hovering, the inability to fly more than a foot off the ground, all aspects of the magic that makes them go.

The hover disk thing… and I really do not know what they are officially called… explains itself through gnomish technology.  I guess the hover is then some sort of repulser field or gravity polarization or some such.  Fine, go see Arthur Clarke’s third law for that one.

But then there are the propellers on the back, which imply that they are the source or propulsion.  Only they move at a constant and relatively slow speed.  It just makes the whole thing look goofy, not to mention raising the question, “If you can press against gravity to lift, why can you press against it to move forward?”

And they just look like crap in my opinion, which is probably the key item for me.

So a new “worst mount in EQ2” for me.

But maybe I will see less of them.  One of the reasons to upgrade to some of the awful mounts in the game is to get a faster run speed.  However, SOE recently chose to change that, and now all ground mounts move at the same speed, giving a 130% speed boost over base character run speed.

Which is freaking fast, given that before this an expensive mount from the Marketplace used to provide an unmatched 65% speed boost.  Everything is now twice as fast, which seems like a pretty random change to more than just me it seems.

The idea seems to be to make the key difference in mounts appearance rather than run speed, which is really odd, since EQ2 has a mount appearance slot.  You can equip one mount and then have it look like another. (So those flying disk people want to look like that on purpose!)

Anyway, maybe this will lead to fewer ugly mounts out and about.  Of course ugly is subjective.  I am sure there are people out there who love their flying disk.

But for now you first quest mount is as fast on the ground as anything you can buy.

Speed - We Haz It!

Of course there are now new leaping, gliding, and flying mounts with which to contend.  I haven’t even started to form an opinion on that.

9 thoughts on “A New Least Favorite Mount

  1. Genda

    That hover-prop thing looks like a re-used asset from SWG.

    It’s awful, and so are some of those other combos. What are people thinking?


  2. Warsyde

    I’ve never understood the problem with flying carpets. They’re a fantasy magical item, so what’s the big deal? Compared to mechanostriders and the chopper in WoW they hardly break immersion at all :P

    The blender thing though . . . ugh.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Warsyde – My dislike was purely emotional, not logical.

    In EQ2 up until DoF, there were no magic carpets. Then, after DoF, they were everywhere in EQ2 because they were the best mount around. A sudden invasion of flying carpets into my own rather Tolkien-istic view of Norrath was a shock, especially when mounts in the game up to that point were nicely modeled and scaled horses.

    My antagonism towards the carpets has been directly proportional to their popularity. But now it has faded and a new champion has been crowned.


  4. bhagpuss

    Flying carpets were one of the reasons that I moved permanently from my Live server to Test many years ago. That was back when they were ubiquitous and I hated both their visual clutter and the practical issues caused by half a dozen 9 foot tall ogres hovering 12×12 rugs all round the broker.

    I’ve mellowed since then, however, and now I’m back on EQ2X the don’t flying carpets don’t bother me. Some of my characters even ride them.

    The gnomish hoverpads used to be quite a status symbol. Back when tinkering was insanely time-consuming, just not annoyingly so, a hoverpad, which was close to the top of the tinkering tree, was a badge of pride. Unfortunately they became available through a number of other, much easier means and now you see them everywhere. I have no issues with the aesthetic or the “science” (gnomish “science” works by a combination of ignorance and willpower as far as i can tell) but there are too many of them now.


  5. Shadow

    Throwing aside the aesthetics of the situation, I’m bummed by the change to mount speed for purely selfish reasons. As a dirge iove my high runspeed and sacrificed a few percent to stay on my own feet, now its a MAJOR sacrifice to do so.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Shadow – Yeah, I had been spending AAs on my troub to maximize group run speed. Pre-change he could move the group around with a 60% boost. Now I might want to respect AAs to something else.


  7. Chris

    Hmm…I know there’s an option to turn off mount displays when in combat or altogether. Is that only for “self” or would it turn off all those offensive-to-the-eye mounts?

    The mount I really adore and wish I could somehow obtain is the steampunk hovercraft with headlights. Wow that thing looks awesome. Apparently it was an event reward and is no longer available.

    Lots of folks on the official forums are unhappy about the blanket increase to ground mount speed. Someone has suggested a “mount speed” slider, which would be an interesting idea. Wanna run around at 130%? Super. But if you’d rather zip along at 65% or 80%, so you can at least enjoy the scenery, go for it.


  8. zachynyoga

    Magic carpets remind me of the first Zelda for Nintendo, I thought magic carpets were the coolest thing in the world, could move from area to area in half the time. Oh how we take the magic carpet for granted now-a-days.


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