PlanetSide 2 News Coming Very Soon

Tipped off by a tweet from Smed, it seems the clock is counting down at the new PlanetSide 2 web site.

Time runs out soon…

Meanwhile, the Facebook page for the game shows the magic hour when the announcement can be expected.

Whatever the announcement is, I still say the game won’t be shipping as soon as some were saying. (Silly EuroGamer, I told you so.  Hell, SOE is even late on the announcement.)

3 thoughts on “PlanetSide 2 News Coming Very Soon

  1. Yetian @mmosymposium

    I’ll be having a look at this for sure. I was a PS player way back before they broke the map and added the stupid bloody robots.

    Myself and a current guild member used to spend hours taking continents and blowing gens in a packed base to then defend it against far superior numbers. :)

    I like to have a pvp mmo as an alternate to my main mmo.

    the only drawback is it’s SOE, I now resent giving them any of my hard earned cash. But who am I kidding I’ll be looking at EQnext as well when that’s out. ;)


  2. wizardling

    You know both Planetside 2 (assuming it’s requirements don’t exceed my gaming rig’s which is a couple years old) and occasional forays back into EQ1 could well be enough to draw me back into SOE’s embrace…

    Any news on what it will take to run Planetside 2? I hope it’s not another EQ2 or Vanguard when it comes to pushing the GPU envelope on launch.


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