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Quote of the Day – Being Lost

An IM from Gaff which indicates how some “bad” things can be good things.

i have been lost in the trollshaws, literally, for 25 minutes

that is awesome in my opinion, hard to do

The ability to get lost, frustrating though it may be at times, can be a feature.

Visual references in the Trollshaws can lead you astray.  But I found the three trolls from The Hobbit while lost at one point, so it can be its own reward.

The Worst News from Fan Faire…

At least EverQuest II related news… and in my highly opinionated view.

I saw this quote over at MMO Axis and felt a pang of despair.

Outside the expansion, EQ2 will be launching the revamp of Freeport.


Was the revamp of Freeport in EverQuest such a booming success that it was felt that SOE needed to repeat it in EQ2?

To me, revamping the over-wrought monstro-city of Freeport should be a pretty low item on the list of things to do.

Freeport cannot even claim to have been the focal point of the game the way it was back in EverQuest.

Unless the upcoming Age of Discovery expansion is going to focus on the city (and let the player base that is aligned with Qeynos/Halas… which seems to be the majority of players on the servers on which I have played… access the city) I cannot see the upside of this for the game as a whole.

Now I am biased, having suffered the neglect of the Qeynos citizen at the hands of SOE in EverQuest, where they took the time to redo Freeport but cannot be bothered to fix the fog effects west of Highhold Pass.  And then in EQ2 it felt like SOE spent about 10x the resources creating Freeport vs. Qeynos.

Long simmering resentments aside though, I still wonder what SOE feels they are going to gain from this.  If they had announced a Qeynos revamp, I think I would still be asking the question, “Is it worth it?”

Yes, the city could be improved.  Cutting down on the number of zones that make up the city would be a start.  And that goes for Qeynos as well.  But couldn’t the effort of doing the revamp be used elsewhere?

We need only look over at World of Warcraft which revamped the 1-60 parts of Azeroth and wonder if such work is worthwhile.  Did that improve the game, or merely sever a link that many of us had with the game’s past?

What do you think?  Is the planned revamp of Freeport a good thing or not?


EQ2Wire has some additional info about the Freeport revamp, which I only saw after I posted this.

A screenshot of the rebuilt Freeport which is being redone as a single large city zone which will function as a quest hub through the entire level range. Players will be encouraged to come back to their home city and continue to do quests for them. I look forward to a rebuilt Freeport which is no less sinister but perhaps one which looks a bit less like a landfill.

Still, the question stands: Good thing or not?

More details from the EQ2 Zones and Content panel.

Beastlord to be the New Class in the Next EQ2 Expansion

I predicted it for the expansion 3 years ago, but it finally came to pass.  SOE is adding a 25th class to the game, the Beastlord.

There were some other high level items announced at the Fan Faire keynote.

The next expansion for EQ2 will be the Age of Discovery.  It will have more AA points to be earned, new zones, a build your own dungeon feature, along with the new class.  The release target is November 2011.

I am sure details about the new class will be forthcoming.

Personally, I hope they went with the idea of being able to tame your own pet.  I hate to have people say SOE is copying WoW, but the whole pet taming really made the hunter class in WoW.


From the update over at EQ2Wire (subject to change):

Beastlords are Scouts
Leather wearers
Brawler weapons
Melee DPS class, on par with other top-tier DPS
Pet class on Steroids
Should always use a Warder to be effective
Can collect and use many different types of Warders

Beastlord Warders
Different Warders have different abilities, hotbars, AA lines
More utility, damage, combat
Use stances to affect what ailities become important

And from Massively:

As for details on the class, he stressed that things are still being worked out, and are subject to change. It will be available with the expansion pack, and is a scout class with leather armor who uses brawler weapons. But what sets the Beastlord apart is his warder pet, which has its own AA tree and special abilities. The Beastlord develops a rapport with his pet through the use of particular combat abilities, and as he builds up that power, he and his warder are able to use special, more powerful abilities. It’s a very active class, and it requires people to participate more in the battles than with some of the other classes.

Edit: Some more recent Beastlord Q&A over at EQ2Wire.