Frenemies Defined

PvP is limited to invading your friends and neighbors, leading to the weird situation that you’ll want to visit your friends’ islands to help them, only to invade that same island five minutes later.

Tobold on Empires & Allies

I had to laugh at that quote because I took this screen shot the night before, thinking it ought to be good for a post at some point.

Tobold and Tobold

Hey, Tobold is over to lend a hand!  Wait, Tobold is invading me!

Send me some more of those liberty bonds and we’ll forget the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “Frenemies Defined

  1. SynCaine

    That screenshot is horrifying. How in gods name can you stand looking at something so ‘colorful’, and full of random stranger faces?

    For the first time ever, “immersion breaking” is a 100% valid claim here.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    The colors are not that bad. Zynga’s artwork is actually pretty good compared to other Facebook games. Even CivWorld looks a little odd in scale compared to this, and there are games out there with stolen mis-matched graphics or stuff that looks like… well… looks like *I* drew it, which is not a compliment.

    The looming visages of Tobold the friend and Tobold the destroyer do dominate the landscape, but can be dismissed accepting his help and defeating him in combat.

    I can get past all of that. It is the need to constantly spam anybody foolish enough to be your friend with requests to send you materials to advance that eventually gets to me. I generally do not like to pester people, but since the alternative is to give Zynga money, I do it for a while. Then I get fed up, turn off all notifications associated with the game, and go play Warzone Tower Defense to remind myself that there are some decent games on Facebook.


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