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Deed Travesty in the Misty Mountains

Deeds are integral to Lord of the Rings Online.  They are all over.

Each zone, for example, has its own set of deeds.  Some of these involve visiting specific locations.  Others involve slaying a certain number of specific creatures in the zone.

The deeds though generally revolve around things that are important in the zone, be it lore or foes of particular note or wildlife especially out of control.

There is a pattern that evolves, so that you begin to anticipate deeds when you enter a new zone.  Such was the case when I wandered into the Misty Mountains.

There was the usual deed for ruins, and one for places where giants dwell, and still another for particular passes in the mountains.

As I began running quests and slaying the local inhabitants, further deeds began showing up.  There was one for snow-beasts.  I guess they are somewhat unique to the zone.

There was another for worms, the pony-sized lizards that infest parts of Middle-earth.  These guys must have been special since they represented a cold blooded creature surviving in an arctic environment.

A deed for bears popped up.  You practically have to have a bear/boar/bird/wolf deed in any given zone.

Then there was one for wargs.  That is always a favorite.  I cannot think of a zone that hosts a population of wargs that does not have such a deed. (Though no doubt somebody will offer up an example.)

And then I slew a goblin and… nothing.  No little pop up telling me that I was starting on a new deed.

This, I thought, must surely be a mistake.

Maybe I had just killed the wrong type of goblin.  Maybe it was a bug.

Because there must be a deed for goblins in the Misty Mountains, right?  In The Hobbit, when Thorin’s Company is crossing the mountains, we hear wolves howl in the storm.  There are references to giants, though I always thought those were more metaphor than actual beings.  And nary a snow-beast is ever mentioned, when you get right down to it.

No the key group in the Misty Mountains is the goblins.  They have a whole town there.  It is in the game.  I’ve been there.

Welcome to Westfield Goblin-Town!

And in it are some pretty bad-ass goblins, as far as goblins go.

The Goblin-town Foyer

The place is crawling with goblins and they are all signature level mobs and closely packed so that pulling individuals is not possible in most cases.

And this is in addition to the goblins crawling all over the zone and making camps and stirring up trouble outside of Goblin-town.

The goblins situation is such that Elrond’s staff in Rivendell is concerned.  You can gain faction with the elves of Rivendell with drops from Goblin-town.

But they aren’t important enough to get a deed.

Then again, by the time I arrived in the Misty Mountains I already had a few goblin related titles from past deeds.  Goblin Hewer, Goblin Bane, and Cleaver of Goblins were already on my list.  Maybe they ran out of likely goblin related titles?