Daily Archives: July 26, 2011

Items from the Mail Bag – Monetary Impact Edition

It is time for the second edition of items from the mail bag, wherein I take items that were sent to the blog email address and let you figure out what I should do with them.

In reverse chronological order this month.

  • I have an email plea from Beau about MMO Voices.  Apparently the rent is due.  If you use the site and want to keep it ad free (or running at all, perhaps) you should go donate to the cause.
  • Chris at WordPress.com support wrote back to tell me that they are aware of the problem where the RSS feed for tags are running ~10 days behind and to thank me for my patience.  Given that the feeds lose a lot of their usefulness as a news source when they are so delayed, and that they have been broken for more than 6 months now, I might have expected a bit more than a two sentence blow-off.
  • Tracy from Virginia Web Media has an unnamed client that wants to advertise on my site.  The web site of said client has been mentioned  “…by the Wall Street Journal, UC. New & World Report, and The New York Times.”  So has the Unibomber.  And isn’t it US News & World Report?
  • Colleen at 00Shirts.com wants to give me a $50 credit for T-shirt printing so I can perhaps print up something to give away on the site.  And, if I’m happy, would I please mention their site.  Well, she got that for free, didn’t she?  But their place is in Berkeley, so they’re probably hopelessly idealistic, plus  I don’t really have a logo for the site, so I am not sure what I would have printed.  What would be a TAGN catch-phrase?  Probably an over-used conjunctive phrase.
  • Del-Taco wants me to know they now have funnel cake.  Really?  Funnel cake?  I won’t even eat that at the county fair, and this is your new big item?  Plus I bet you cook it in the same oil as the french fries.  Another part of my Star Trek Online hangover.
  • Diana of the Greater Los Angeles Area would like me to connect with her on Linked In. While Wilhelm Arcturus has email, a Twitter feed, a Facebook page, and a G+ presence (well, had, kicked for being a pseudonym), I haven’t actually gone so far as to create a Linked In account.  Maybe I should.  Anyway, if Diana only knew, she is already connected to my real name Linked In account, through my step-sister-in-law.
  • Alisha wants to provide me a 400+ word unique article that is RELEVANT to what I usually write about and 100% unique.  This high quality, relevant and UNIQUE article will help boost the standards of my site, which sounds like she might have read some of my work if she thinks she can up the average in only 400 words.  All she wants is a discreet link in the article, which will be unique to my site, in return.  So, while her return address has something about XBox Repair (a non-existent field I would think, given that Microsoft has had to extend those warranties until the end of time), I figure the link will be to porn.
  • Grim at MMOTroll.com wants me to stop writing here and start writing on his service because… well… a whole bunch of reasons.  He doesn’t even appear to be looking for free content to line his own pockets with ad revenue, unlike most other such requests I get.  Unfortunately, for Grim and some of you, after nearly five years, I have Google and a couple dozen regulars trained to find me here.  If I go there, I pretty much start from scratch.
  • And, finally,  Mike at MMORaid.com has a similar offer to Grim’s, only without as much cynicism in it, making it much less amusing, but still as unlikely to get me to switch blog hosting environments.