We Must Hurry…

Another escort quest NPC makes promises he cannot keep.

Anurandir strolls onward...

Naturally, after that statement, he proceeded to walk at a leisurely pace.

I suppose I should have been thankful that he hadn’t lost his contact lenses or his three handled, moss covered, family credenza or some other item for which he would have felt compelled to search.

Of course, true to form, at the very end, he did hurry.  He rushed forward to engage a boar just as the last three mobs sent to stop him materialized in front of us, turning the 3 on 2 fight into a 4 on 2 fight.  At those odds, it was every man for himself… and the Halls of Mandos for Anurandir I’m afraid.

Well, at least it is consistent with the lore for him to be re-embodied and returned to Middle-earth.


4 thoughts on “We Must Hurry…

  1. Aufero

    Even in a game filled with annoying escort quests (Yes, I’m looking at you, Lalia) that one is still memorable.


  2. Rinvan

    Yes you have to love the crazy escort quests in LOTRO. The NPC’s really like to tank multiple mobs. During the Bill the Pony quest, he tanked the last 2 mobs while I was running back from the rez circle.


  3. Aufero

    @Rinvan – Ug, forgot the Bill the Pony escort. I’m betting Wilhelm hasn’t done that one yet, but soon…


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