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Rowling vs. Pratchett

As with the Stargate vs. The Hobbit post before, I realize that these little ads on Facebook are not supposed to be direct comparisons of popularity, but the way they are presented still comes across as quite funny to me.

I’m pretty sure that, in reality, J.K. Rowling is much more popular than Terry Pratchett, but the way Facebook chooses to present these things might make you think otherwise.

I think somebody at Facebook needs some lessons in effective data presentation.

On the other hand, they appear to have humorous juxtaposition well covered.

I’ve Been to the Door

I have been out to the walls of Moria.

It took me quite a while in book/movie calendar time, though only a few minutes in real time.

After getting to Eregion, getting stable master routes, and doing a few quests, I headed to the walls of Moria.  I was told I should get there as soon as possible to do that quest line, since it yields my first epic weapon.  Epic weapons level up, so the sooner you start using them, the sooner they get experience, the sooner they get better.

There at the walls of Moria I found that the fellowship had already been and the doors were blocked.

So while I rode pretty much straight from Rivendell to the Hollin Gate without any attempt at stealth, the fellowship quietly moved across Eregion, up to the Redhorn Gate, got stuck, thought about it a bit, came back, and went into Moria.

If this were L.A. Noire I’d be calling somebody a liar about now.

And, as something else to file under the heading of “stuff that went on while the fellowship was elsewhere,” I found an expedition of dwarves at the walls trying to get into Moria themselves.  This is, no doubt, the explanation of how my characters will eventually get into the mines.

After several quests and some work by the dwarves, the door was revealed.

The door revealed at last!

There were of course, complications.

For starters, the dwarves left a couple of piles of rubble in front of the door.  You’d think with all that effort they would have finished the job.

And then there were a few dwarves who seemed to have an OCD-like obsession for throwing rocks into the great pool before the door.  They were literally heaving them into the water non-stop at two second intervals.

When a dwarf gets a mind to do something, he just goes crazy doing it I guess… unless it involves clearing a doorway.

Looks quiet to me

But, you know, that lake has a huge algae bloom going on, which I am sure means everything is safe.  I probably shouldn’t have even bothered stopping those rock throwing dwarves.  Look at that moon.  Everything is so peaceful.

We’ll just go move that rubble and head on in.

Did you hear something?