Daily Archives: July 30, 2011

Level 50 in Eregion – 2,501,449 Experience Points Into the Game

My hunter hit level 50 at last in Lord of the Rings Online.

Finally, nearly four and a half years after the game launch, with 17 characters rolled up across 3 servers, finally one of them has not only hit the original level cap, but is actually fully cleared and ready to enter the mines of Moria.

The big moment came, of course, handing in a quest for slaying wolves.

Wolf problem? Who doesn’t have one?

One of the minor gripes I have about LOTRO is that it does insist on showing me raw numbers for things like my experience bar, a place where a simple percentage would do me just fine.

Still, at 50, I suppose it is nice to know your grand total so far.

Now, how much more to get to 65?