World of Warplanes has a Web Site!

At the unsurprising address of

World of Warplanes!

The site even has a few screen shots, which focus heavily on the Bell P-39 Airacobra.

P-39 in Action

That might seem an odd choice in the US, where the fighter was quickly replaced due to its poor high altitude performance, but for a Russian company, it makes complete sense.

The P-39 Story

Turn with a Zero it wouldn’t
Or climb with a sleek One-oh-nine.
But for busting tanks on the tundra
This baby was really fine…

Of course, none of this tells us what the game will really be like, but at least they have a site I can watch now.  And a Twitter feed.  And a Facebook page.

Until then, I can still dream about what the game will be like.

(P-39 cartoon and quote from THERE I WAS… Flat on my Back, a collection of aviation cartoons and other Air Force lore by Bob Stevens, copyright 1975, Aero Publishers, Inc.  Completely and totally out of print, my 35 year old, hard bound copy is a treasure.)