The Grand Geode of Khazad-dûm!

Everything about the dwarven halls of Moria is extreme.

(For a headline I will drag out the dwarven name, complete with circumflex, but for the body of a post, Moria will do.  Plus that is the generally accepted name of the place in the late Third Age.)

The sheer size and scale of the works of the dwarves… well… dwarfs just about everything.

Giant Wall Dwarves

You can’t really get the scale, but if I could jump up there with the dwarf and stand next to him my character wouldn’t go much past the cuff of his boot.  And you get a bit of scale on the height of the ceiling in Moria as well, which is even more obvious when my hunter Silinus actually gets in the picture.

Mortal man for scale

With the camera pulled all the way back and you can just see the boots of that dwarven carving.  Big dwarf under a very high roof.

I can see why the men of Numenor (screw your acute accent mark, so-called men of the west) built things like that over the top bridge in Evendim.

The bridge part is between his feet

They no doubt felt they had to make their mark on Middle-earth as well.  Or maybe they too were compensating for something.

The dwarves like to go big.  So it was no surprise that they also treasure gems and the like of extraordinary character.  Remember the Arkenstone?

And thus we present the prized Geode of the dwarves.

Giant Geode

Or I assume it is their prized geode.  It is up there on a nice, well-lit display on the main path through Moria.

Again, the geode by itself does not give scale very well, so here is Silinus, a man of average height (for LOTRO) standing before the geode.

Silinus give a sense of size

That is one big geode.  Even the torches and glowing crystal holders around it are huge.

That is the sort of scale that things in Moria have.

One wonders if the dwarves had been more modest in scale if they might have been able to keep the balrog penned in the caves.  The place seems well made for giant, demonic creatures to roam at will.  But I digress.

Given that the biggest geode known to modern man had an internal cavity of less than two meters in length, it would be one for the Guinness Book if it were in the real world.

I do wonder where the dwarves found it.  The rock I have seen in Moria looks to be igneous, but geodes are more commonly found in sedimentary rock.  Maybe they found it elsewhere.  Or maybe I cannot reliably tell one sort of rock from another in a video game.

Still, that is still one massive geode.

4 thoughts on “The Grand Geode of Khazad-dûm!

  1. João Carlos

    From wikipedia:
    “Geodes (Greek γεώδης – ge-ōdēs, “earthlike”) are geological rock formations which occur in sedimentary and certain volcanic rocks.”

    IMHO, it is no problem that Moria have at same time igneous rocks (volcanic rocks) and a geode. Just think that Moria have the correct vulcanic rock that have geodes.

    By the way, it is a MMO, a game. It is not real. So, they can put dragons and orcs and dwarves and elves, that not exist. Who cares?


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Joao – Really? The tired old “It’s just a game” excuse is your big finish, as though I might not have noticed that after all that time?

    For that I am omitting your crappy macron diacritic from your name.

    How do you like them apples, Joao? You should have be warned by the post above. I suffer diacritical marks grudgingly. But now you must suffered the consequences. Now you will go without!

    And the rocks in LOTRO Moria certainly do not look like the type of igneous rocks that might form geodes, if the memory of my high school project on the subject is anything to go by. “Just pretend” they are the right rocks doesn’t cut it around here.

    All of the above should be read aloud in a silly, high pitched voice for maximum comedic effect.

    Except for the “it’s just a game” part. For that I can only point you at this cartoon and hope you get the point.


  3. Elenluin

    That geode is actually a map of middle earth, its only clear with high graphics on and with some ligthing though.


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