Searching for World of Warcraft Magazine Issue 5…

Judging from my search engine traffic, people are beginning to wonder when the next issue of the “quarterly” World of Warcraft Magazine is going to appear.  So I get to dredge up an old topic and complain about World of Warcraft, The Official Magazine again. (If you have read my past gripes on the topic, you are excused.)

Quarterly is in quotes above because you would think, under the normal rules of publishing, that a quarterly magazine that delivered its first issue in December 2009 would be rev’ing up to send out their 7th issue, not their 5th.  That is more than implied in their subscription form.

But then, one might expect that an MMORPG that will enter its seventh year this Fall might have shipped more than three expansions.  The Magazine truly reflects the game, though I’ve been down that road before.

The official site for the magazine (which was having a certificate issue earlier, something that always instills confidence!) is still pushing issue 4, which came out back at the beginning of April.

Mid-August and the site still shows this...

Issue 4  seemed to have wrapped up their coverage of the Cataclysm expansion.  Since Cataclysm has been the meat of the magazine so far, I suspect they might be at a loss as to what else they might cover.

So much happens with WoW in time frames that make a quarterly (or longer) schedule look positively geologic in duration that one wonders what they will be able to grab onto and cover in the 148 ad-free pages they put our every… well… whenever they get around to it.

Anyway, if you’ve arrived here because you are looking for information on issue 5 of the magazine, the publisher, Future US, hasn’t given any sign about when it might show up.

You might consider dropping them a note to ask about it.

In the mean time, I am beginning to regret resubscribing way back when issue 3 shipped.

Addendum: As soon as I posted this, I found the WoW Magazine Facebook page, where they were swearing just a month ago that they would be shipping issue 5 “soon.”

Addendum: And now I have been told that there will be no issue 6 ever.

14 thoughts on “Searching for World of Warcraft Magazine Issue 5…

  1. Warsyde

    It’s hard not to suspect they’re hampered by Blizzard’s glacial update schedule. The game really only sees two big updates a year. What would they cover with 4 magazines?


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bronte – That argument doesn’t get any traction for me at the office, or with my daughter until I blow up and chase her away from whatever I am doing, why should it work for them?

    And it isn’t like they are breaking new ground here publishing a magazine on a quarterly basis. And the gap between issues 3 and 4 was six months. The team that does EON, the EVE Online Magazine, seem to be able to keep on schedule.

    Of course, to be fair, I would be willing to bet that Blizzard, which no doubt must approve everything that goes into the magazine, is a big part of the problem.


  3. Gallaria

    @Wilhelm – my phrase is “Bitch and ye shall receive.”

    Also on the delay, too many people in the approval line. Have had that slow up a brochure job by 3 months as the client decided to have several other people give input and proof.


  4. Anonymous

    I subscribed for 2 years back on May 5th, bought the three issues I missed out on from another source but I’m yet to see issue 4, let alone issue 5 from these guys.

    They don’t answer emails and last time I looked the security certificate on their website had expired.

    I’m on the verge of charging back the credit card transaction as they are yet to deliver anything at all.


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