Daily Archives: August 23, 2011

I Suppose That is Role Playing of a Sort…

The other day Potshot and I each had a character lined up to finish the main quest line in Annuminas.  This was the ranger banner quest, and there are two areas that are covered by signature level mobs which make a solo approach very challenging.

Too challenging for me, anyway.

But as a pair I figured this would result in a series of good, but manageable fights, and we could knock out this quest line.  The new and improved Evendim quests are like that; you want to finish them.

There was another group forming up in Annuminas, and they asked if we would like to join with them.  Knowing that we had very specific goals, and a weekday night time frame, I politely declined.

And, well…

I guess “screw you” is not one of the built-in emotes.

But I certainly took this as a sign that I had made the right choice.  Kohath was awfully quick there on the “/screw you.”

I sometimes forget that there are segments of the LOTRO community that take not being WoW to extremes, which includes an attitude somewhat akin to, “This is LOTRO and we group here and if you refuse to group aren’t playing the game right and should go back to WoW.”

I have run into this problem on a few occasions for failing to group on demand.

Fortunately, it is a reasonably rare occurrence, and has come up even less often since the game went free to play.  Either there are more people with whom to group or there has been an influx of less demanding people.

And, for the record, we did complete the quest line.  While we did face a defeat on one objective, that just made knocking it out at last all the sweeter.