Seventy Million Skill Points and Out

I came back to EVE Online for Incarna, to see if there would be anything new that would bring me back into the game.  And, in my usual method, I picked the three month subscription.  The would have given me plenty of time to explore the Incarna expansion, had it held anything for me.

Instead, it held mostly disappointment.  And drama.  That took a while to work through.

Which meant that my subscription time has been spent doing what a lot of EVE subscriptions do, training skills.  There was enough time for me to hit another skill point milestone.  So, as I did at the 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 million skill point mark, here is where I stand at 70 million skill points.

Spaceship Command: 18,084,237*
 Gunnery:           8,358,825*
 Science:           6,808,636*
 Missiles:          6,620,426*
 Engineering:       6,583,849
 Drones:            6,455,156*
 Industry:          3,539,500*
 Electronics:       3,117,673*
 Trade:             3,271,765
 Leadership:        2,332,334*
 Navigation:        1,777,805
 Mechanic:          1,426,568
 Corp Management:   1,108,784
 Social:            1,015,932
 Subsystems:          151,765
 Total:           ~70,000,000

Asterisks indicate areas that changed since the last post.

Spaceship Command, always at the top of the skill point chart, surged forward and nearly double due to my skilling up to fly ships from other factions… mostly so I could take screen shots of them for EVE Online Pictures.

The increases in the skills listed above actually add up to more than 10 million skill points.  Spaceship Command alone went up nearly 9 million.

Since my last milestone at 60 million, the learning skills got pulled from the game, which freed up 4.8 million skill points for me to reallocate back in December 2010.

That change is also why my total known skills went from 209 to 197.

Skill level distribution now looks like this:

 Level 1:  1 skill
 Level 2: 30 skills
 Level 3: 28 skills
 Level 4: 52 skills
 Level 5: 86 skills

And, that one key measurement, how many days of training would it take me to fly a Caldari Titan, went UP this time around, by a little over a day.  I am now over 69 days away from the basic flying skill, almost all of which would be tied up in learning Capital Ships I through V.  I am not sure why the timeline went up since I last checked. It probably relates to how I set my attributes after the removal of learning skills.

But now my subscription is coming to its end.  In a little over a week, my account will lapse.

I have explored most of what I wanted to in EVE.  Potshot and I never did get that space station built in wormhole space, w-space being pretty well camped these days, and I never once poked my nose into a 0.0 system, but such is life.  By the time I was done in empire space, I did not want the commitment that 0.0 requires.

And I suppose this casts the future of EVE Online Pictures into doubt.  I have enough screen shots to get through the rest of the year at the current rate of two pictures posted a week, but after that I might have to put that site on hiatus.

9 thoughts on “Seventy Million Skill Points and Out

  1. epic.ben

    Noooo! That’s sad. I’m in the same (space)boat as you – I have two accounts that I only log into to skillup these days. After .WI was wiped out of 00 space, I just lost interest.

    Trying to figure out a way to get reengaged in the game … but it’s a serious time commitment.


  2. Cj Didge

    yeah i left after changing jobs which meant i didn’t really have the time to play any more but once i left i haven’t really missed the game at all, i only really miss some of the people i used to know in game. i didn’t even collect my winnings from your last pictures contest :)


  3. jscamp2

    Ive been mostly just skilling up since last November myself. Almost to 67 million points now. Can fly a carrier now, but still have quite a bit of getting skills from 4 to 5 in order to be a “perfect” carrier pilot. I do log in periodically to research BPO’s for my corp as well, and was recently asked to be a POS fueler since I can fly transports and the cloaky blockade runners serve that purpose well. Should be making my 1st run tonight. Long trips to lowsec in order to move fuel from hangars to silos and put mined goo from the silos into the corp hangar. doesn’t sound really fun, but. . . . it’s something, I suppose.


  4. Anonymous

    I canceled my accounts back in June. Eve is definitely on the downward slide now .. but there are brighter pastures ahead. Look at this way, now you won’t have to pay CCP for the privilege of using their IP to freely advertise their game.

    Actually CCP over the past year has shown me something I had not thought possible .. you actually can shoot your own foot while its planted firmly in your mouth.


  5. mbp

    If you want to see 0.0 just for completeness sake then you can fairly easily take a brand new alt in at no risk.

    Create a new alt with a minimum skillset then fly them to a station nearest a 0.0 gateway and set your clone there. Keep trying for the gate at different hours of the day. It will almost certainly be camped but not 24 hours per day. As soon as you get a window you are through into 0.0.

    You would be amazed how far you can get in a noob-ship once you get past that first camped gate. You might even get lucky and find a Sisters of Eve station that allows you to dock.

    This is how I got on when I did it a couple of years back, I even got to bump into a Titan:


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SL – No.

    Some day I *might* want to come back.

    I gave away my stuff once… well, twice now that I think of it… in games before and then ended up wanting to play them again years down the road.


  7. Serpentine Logic

    Fair enough – might be prudent to convert some isk into plexes as well, as a hedge against inflation.


  8. Latrodanes

    Hey, hey – we get three more doors in Aug…er Winter…er soon ™!

    Aww, never mind. Yeh, I’ve got three accounts timing out next month as well. It’s been a fun three years.


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