LOTRO Screen Shot for a Sunday Morning

I am sure there is a complicated trinity story behind this as well.

Mary, Ally of Gesuschrist

Is it a surprise or not that Gesuschrist went the lore master route?

I am also a bit disappointed that they didn’t just go with Gesus and then wait to get something like Kriest as a surname later on.  Ah well.

And to confuse things further, Gesuschrist is a female elf. (Title “Friend of the Wild” Guild “The Rapture”)

Where’s your messiah now?

4 thoughts on “LOTRO Screen Shot for a Sunday Morning

  1. Snick

    Ahh, Christians. Confused are they.

    I originally typed ‘Confuciused are they’ but I think that was jumping the shark.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gina – I have never been on a server where I did not run into something like this every so often. It is the price of giving people an open text field.

    It certainly make you feel better about keeping floaty names off in town.

    Now I wonder if their guild, The Rapture, has more names on this theme.


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