History Display at the Nintendo World Store

My wife and daughter had an opportunity to go visit New York City last month.  Thanks to plenty of points available to redeem on our credit card and a friend who was doing professional services work for a company in Manhattan, this was a low cost opportunity.  Points took care of the plane fare and they got to stay with the friend at a rather awesome location.

View from the Room

They got to spend a week there and did quite the range of tourist things.

At my behest, they stopped at the Nintendo World Store at Rockefeller Center.  It is the only Nintendo store in the US.

While there, my wife took pictures of a display case that had a variety of old Nintendo systems, which I thought I would post here.

Display Case #1

Display Case #2

Display Case #3

Display Case #4

Display Case #5

Display Case #6

I will say that, while the more recent GameBoy DS units are undoubtedly an advance over the past generations of Nintendo hand held devices, they aren’t as interesting to look at as some of the older units.