Question of the Day did an interview with MMO Crunch about World of Warplanes the other day.  There isn’t really much information in the interview. didn’t seem ready to talk about much of substance about the game at this point.

So, perhaps sensing that nothing substantial was going to get passed along, the interviewer decided to go for the “wouldn’t this be totally cool” level of questions.  And so this was asked:

This one’s a long shot, but I need to ask it. When a plane is shot down, will the wreckage crash onto the battlefields in World of Tanks?

Now wouldn’t that be cool?  At least the first time it happened? agreed that it would be cool but, no, that won’t be happening.

3 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. Aufero

    Maybe it could just start raining plane parts occasionally in WoT as a prelude to the kickoff of WoWP? Sort of an in-game advertisement.


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