The Drop in WoW Subscribers Means Changes All Over…

Rather than the usual round of WoW phishing attempts, I have seen a batch of these lately…


It has come to our attention that you are trying to sell your personal RuneScape account(s).
As you may not be aware of, this conflicts with the EULA and Terms of Agreement.
If this proves to be true, your account can and will be disabled…

All with the same message, the same badly disguised bogus URL, and all delivered to the same email address that gets all my WoW phishing attempts.  (Which, of course, is NOT the email address I use for WoW or

No doubt handiwork of the same trolls.

Of course, I’ve never played RuneScape, so this is even less worrying that WoW phishing.  Oh no, an account I never had in the first place is in danger of being banned!

RuneQuest, Yes, RuneScape, No

Meanwhile, in the same batch of email, I received a note from Perfect World Entertainment, makers of… nothing I can recall ever playing.  I guess they are publishing Torchlight now, which I have played.  But I did not buy it from them.  Still, at some point I created an account there, I just cannot remember why.  It certainly wasn’t for Rusty Hearts and a discount gamepad.

That email said:

You are receiving this email because your account may have been accessed without your authorization. We have changed your account’s password and are requiring you to change your password before you can log back into our games. Please go here to reset your password:

And there was a URL below on which you were invited to click.  Only this one looked legitimate.  I still didn’t click on it, going rather directly to the Perfect World site and resetting my password via the interface they provide there.

I wonder if Perfect World has some sort of incident or if this was just another, slightly more clever phishing attempt.

How about for you?  Any rise in non-WoW related phishing attempts at your end?

Were you getting that many WoW related ones in the first place?  At one point I was getting one or two a day.

11 thoughts on “The Drop in WoW Subscribers Means Changes All Over…

  1. HarbingerZero

    I still get them, despite not having an active account for over four years now. At least, until last week. Oddly enough, I gave the “Free to 20” a whirl last week just to see how the world had changed and behold – my account had been hacked. I didn’t have anything of value though….so no biggie. But I did wonder if I had somehow missed the real warning email in the…blizzard…of fake ones.


  2. Rinvan

    It has been a long time since I saw any type of phishing attempt related to a video game. I sell things on ebay so I get a ton of fake package tracking emails from the USPS & UPS.


  3. College Eloquence

    I haven’t played any new MMO’s (besides Vindictus last year) for ages. I played WoW for a couple months and then quit about 8 years ago now. Now all of a sudden I’m receiving a ton of spam e-mails about my “account” from “Blizzard.”


  4. realgdman4u

    My WoW phishing attempts have dropped off. Especially the ones on email accounts that have nothing to do with my account.

    But why is it that all the phishing I get now wants to enlarge my penis??


  5. mbp

    I no longer see these emails because the spam filter stops them but your post sent me trawling the smap folder and I found exactly the same email that you received word for word except replace WoW for Runescape.


  6. Carson

    Holy goddamn. Runequest. I remember playing me some of that back in the 80’s, to satisfy those among us who felt that D&D offered insufficient opportunities for beloved player characters to become multiple amputees after a few lucky dice rolls by the DM.


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @mbp – I find these in my spam folder as well. But I go fishing in their regularly because I get a false positive every so often which keeps me from trusting the whole system.

    @Carson – Indeed, I recall it being a system with each appendage having its own AC and HP. That and something about ducks.

    I don’t think we ever played more than a couple of trial runs with it. It was part of our “AD&D isn’t quite cutting it, let’s try any other rule set we can find” period. Aardwulf mentioned it in a post recently, though I always think of it when I read about RuneScape for some reason. (The names bleed together in my brain for obvious, and non-obvious, reasons.)


  8. Ngita

    Been getting the odd runescape phishing attempt for a year or so.

    No i have never played it, and its on my general posting account not my email.


  9. flosch

    Mails purporting to be from Blizzard are still in the overwhelming majority, according to a sample from my spam folder. I have the odd Runescape mail, but they can’t compete yet.

    Funny enough, all SOE mail goes to the spam folder too. I guess I could train the filter not to do that, but I’m not motivated enough. It’s not like I’ll miss much.

    My personal winner though is the email from the “Nigerian Embassy” telling me that “my email has qualified for a free visa to 16 countries”.


  10. Tesh

    My Blizzard spam has been pretty consistent for the last six months or so. I get the odd RuneScape one (never played the game) or some other ones, but I’ve not really seen a frequency change of late.


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