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Alternative to a Police Chase…

The police chase is a big part of Need for Speed World.

But some times I don’t want to drive all over the map trying to get away.

Some times I am just in the game to do the daily gem hunt (omg, daily quests are everywhere now, aren’t they?), collect my reward, and call it a night.

And then I hit a police car.

You can hit or run over anything in town and the police will just look the other way.  Hit one of their cars though and you are public enemy #1.

Heck, if the police hit YOUR car, they are after you like a shot.  I have somebody else smack a police car, send it flying onto my car, and suddenly I am the bad guy.

And once I have hit that police car, the chase is on.

I can take a pass, just sit there and let them bust me.  The cost is pretty low.  But it is kind of counter to my instincts and the point of the game.  I am, after all, a “wanted street racer” if the police dispatcher is to be believed. Sitting idle is totally out of character.

The other night I was half a block from the last gem in the hunt on a quiet side street when I side-swiped a police car coming around the corner.

His light bar lit up and he and another cruiser began their turns to pursue me.

I looked around and noticed that the three of us were pretty much alone and I wondered if I could just turn this into a demolition derby and take them out of action by smashing them up.

The short answer is “yes.”

Smash Up Victory

You can disable a police car if you damage it enough.  Once the light bar on the roof stops flashing, that car is out of the chase and can no longer bust you.

So it is a matter of getting some good hits on a given police car to put it out of action.

The trick is that the more damage you do, the higher the priority the pursuit gets, the more cars that get assigned to the chase, which means more cars to smash up.

As you can see in the upper right hand corner, I had to put 8 cars out of action to get to clear of the chase and get to the cool down.  I started with 2 and 7 more showed up on scene over time.  The 9th car was actually not disabled, but was sitting on its roof a half a block away and unable to continue.

Meanwhile there was a roadblock set up about a quarter mile down the road, just around the bend shown, that was well within sight of this traffic carnage.  The great tradition of the oblivious NPC ignoring the fact that you are making chutney out of their comrades withing line of sight lives on!

All of this depends on some very situational variables.  I have only pulled this off a couple of times.  More often, police cars show up on the scene faster than I can knock them out and I end up buried in them.  Once my little Ford ended up essentially surfing on a wave of police cars.  Until I was busted.

I have learned that a good, 60 mph broadside hit, a T-bone if you will, is an effective one-hit knock out if you can manage it.

And it helps that MY car never seems to suffer any performance degrading damage at all.  At least if I avoid driving over those spike strips.  Those are a killer.