WoW Magazine Decision – Mulling Over a WoW Related Contest

I decided to go with the easy option in regards to my World of Warcraft Magazine subscription and take the WoW companion pets and the subscription to PC Gamer.

You can have this, or you can try and get your money back

While I am sure I could have worked the required letter writing campaign in search of a refund into a series of posts, I feel a certain amount of apathy over a small amount of money spent some nine months back.

It helps that I only have two of the pets listed and that the pets are bound to your account so that all the characters you have or ever make in the future will get them.  So Future US and Blizzard are off the hook, having successfully followed the principle of “never give the customer their money back” in my case at least.

Still, this pet hand-out makes me wonder why Blizzard didn’t offer up a special custom pet for subscribers to the magazine.  One of those a year would have made the magazine too successful to consider shutting down.  Ah well.

So all of my characters, now and forever, will have all of the Blizzard store companion pets.  Go me.

But now I have two codes left over.  I have an extra Lil’ KT and a Pandaren Monk.

So I immediately thought about having a contest of some sort in order to give the codes away to a lucky/skillful/attentive reader.

But what sort of contest?

Being in many ways a stereotypical guy (I am visually oriented and can often see better than I can think), I am drawn to a screen shot contest of some sort.  It is just a matter of figuring out what the focus of such a contest should be.

Screen shot contest ideas so far:

  • Best of WoW
  • Most exciting boss encounter
  • Azeroth Travel Posters
  • I love WoW/I hate WoW

I am leaning towards the travel poster idea, allowing said poster to be Photoshopped to the submitter’s hearts content, but I am not completely sold on the idea.

So I am looking around for any other ideas as well as any sort of expression of interest in the contest.  I’d like something interesting, but also something people will enter.  There is little point in go forward if only two people are going to enter. (Though that makes prize distribution pretty easy.)

Tell me what you think.

5 thoughts on “WoW Magazine Decision – Mulling Over a WoW Related Contest

  1. Tesh

    I’m all for anything that makes exploring WoW and grabbing evocative screenshots a priority. Travel posters could be good, as could postcards or just “my favorite slide” sort of thing. WoW really does have some beautiful sights, and it would be good to see a lot of them. Let’s see the *world* of WoW instead of just more travel on the “rails”.


  2. Tesh

    …sorry for the double post, but you could even ask for panorama shots. There are free applications out there to stitch shots together, like Autostitch, and you could get some great big shots of the world out of that. Then again, I’m partial to big dual-monitor desktop images, so I can admit my bias there.


  3. wizardling

    How about a funniest moment in WoW contest? When I played there were some truly hilarious happenings, like the undead priest hiding inside the boat using invisibility potions, and then mind controlling Alliance toons off the boat. Then there was the 70 Alliance dude knocking newly arrived level 60 horde from the sky in the early days of BC, by camping on a flying rock near a popular flightpath. Bonus points for having your own screenshot or video showing off a funny moment.


  4. Lewis Maskell

    Tourism art – must include catchy slogan to spend your time (gold, whathaveyou) in xyz region/town/city/grubby patch of earth :)


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