Items from the GameSpy “To Do” List…

Passed to me by a mole at GameSpy HQ, it turns out that yesterday’s “Imagining of Diablo III as a first person perspective game” is just the first in a series that the site is planning.

Going forward we can look forward to imagining:

  • Portal as an Infocom text adventure (tentative title “Get Cake”)
  • Pokemon played from Pikachu’s perspective
  • Quake as a collectible card game
  • Star Wars Galaxies in a universe where Anakin Skywalker died at birth. (Wait, we’ll be getting that after December.)
  • MUD1 as a graphic novel

The list appears to be only the first of several pages.  Has anybody picked up on any other titles they might be working on?

4 thoughts on “Items from the GameSpy “To Do” List…

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    If they ever make a Game of Thrones MMO, I am totally making a character named Ailhelm. It seems like a name that would fit. (And I am in the midst of book three, “Even More Main Characters Die,” so that is on my mind.)


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