Quote of the Day – If Only Blizzard Would Try This…

I’d love to see what Blizzard could do with a first person view. I love the freedom that this camera system gives us to explore the virtual worlds we’re inhabiting. I can only imagine what a Blizzard first person game would feel like; I’m guessing it would be astonishing given the company’s eye for detail, provided it had an engine powerful to give the designers free rein.

Bennett Ring of GameSpy, Diablo III Beta Musings

Fine, you want to imagine Diablo III as a first person perspective game, go right ahead.  I’ve written dumber things than that.

But if you’re going to aspire to be a real, actually paid to do it, gaming journalist, never having heard of World of Warcraft seems like it might be a bit of a draw back.

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13 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – If Only Blizzard Would Try This…

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @MBP – Officially? I would have to say “No.” It has the flexibility to be both a first person AND a third person game. See how astonishing Blizzard can be? Such eye for detail!

    You just roll that scroll wheel until the camera is zoomed in to the point you cannot see yourself any more.

    I played the first couple of months of EQ completely with a first person camera angle before I figured out that being able to see myself upped my situational awareness considerably. I know people who insist on playing that way to this day.

    Plus, if you read his quote, he speaks of the camera freedom that allows us to explore virtual worlds. So I am not even sure he knows what “first person” actually means.


  2. flosch

    How embarrassing…

    Though, just this week, I though about writing my thoughts on “why first-person view doesn’t work” – then decided it wasn’t worth it. Now I might actually return and not only tell that guy that he’s factually wrong, but he also wouldn’t _want_ to play a game like that, unless UIs changed quite a bit.


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  4. bhagpuss

    Mrs Bhagpuss and I both played Everquest as a first-person game for most of our many years there. So did almost everyone we ever met. Third-person enthusiasts were considered very weird.

    As far as I recall we played DAOC and AO in first person as well. Just trying to remember what the first MMO we played in third-person would have been. Possibly Guild Wars.

    I do now play most MMOs in third person most of the time, even EQ, but I do still go into first person situationally almost every session. I often go first-person in Rift, for example, so I can revel in the extreme chaos of zone events. It’s always a much more intense experience.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Ken at MMO Symposium had a UI related post up the other day that included a screen shot of the original EQ UI. The actual window through which we could see the world was so small, you pretty much had to stay first person as your body would block out a fair portion of the view.

    I remember when I figured out how to turn the UI transparent so I could see more. That was something.

    I still drop into first person pretty often myself, to take screen shots or look at something without having to look at the back of my characters head. I seem to recall some dungeons in EQ2 where being first person was pretty much a requirement due to constrained space. SOE was not afraid to make small rooms and narrow corridors.


  6. Jason

    To me, immersion is lost in 3rd person view. In 1st person, I’m in the game. In 3rd person, I’m controlling a character. I know it doesn’t bother lots of people, but I’ve discovered this is the main reason I can’t seem to get into so many modern MMOs.


  7. Random Poster

    Eh the fact that in any of the MMo’s I have tried in FP you lack weapons..or hands, or anything remotely resembling a body breaks any immersion it might offer.

    Also specific to WoW for me when you zoom in I think it puts the camera around the waist of most models. Skews the perspective.


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