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SWTOR Launch Date Announced – December 20, 2011

Hot on the heels of Diablo III being pushed into early next year (surely a coincidence), I got an email this morning from EA announcing the launch date of Star Wars: The Old Republic. (Those in the EU got an email showing a launch two days later.)

No Jedi Mind Trick

Of course, with a pre-order, you might get to play earlier than that date.  Maybe.  The official pre-order FAQ isn’t solid on that point.

Pre-ordering also ensures that you may be granted Early Game Access before the Game’s official release. More information on Early Game Access will be provided at a later time.

The emphasis above is mine.  I am not sure how you can ensure something that “may” happen.  We shall see.  Begun early access debate has.

And that still means we have a good three months to go before launch.  What will we do until then?