Daily Archives: September 25, 2011

Begun the Count Down to Christmas Has!

If it wasn’t enough that Star Wars: The Old Republic was practically slated for a Christmas release, the LEGO people have their own irresistible angle on the season.

A Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar.

We already get the LEGO advent calendar every year as it is.  But when you throw Star Wars into the mix… well… there is already one sitting on our kitchen table even as I write this.  It isn’t even October yet.

But I am a little paranoid.  The LEGO City advent calendar sold out from the online LEGO store pretty quickly last year, though I was able to walk into our local LEGO store and grab one off the shelf no problem.  So I wasn’t going to tell you about it until I had mine home and secure.

Okay, so maybe Yoda in the Santa role is a bit odd.

He doesn’t seem like the candy cane and presents type to me, but I always picture the Degobah Yoda, when he was a senile cranky old coot.  And since the Star Wars Holiday Special is canon (at least C-canon), who am I to quibble about Yoda in a Santa suit?

Beside which, tiny little LEGO ships!

I couldn’t say no.

(Watch out though, Toys R Us is currently charging $10 more than LEGO is for the calendar.)