And Now To Fret About a SWTOR Grace Period…

Yes, we have a release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic.  So now retailers handling pre-orders have to get themselves lined up for that date as well.

And so an email from about my order was not unexpected.


We have received new release date information related to the order you placed on July 21 2011. The item(s) listed below will actually ship sooner than we originally expected based on the new release date:

“Star Wars: The Old Republic”
Previous estimated arrival date: January 04 2012
New estimated arrival date: December 23 2011

If you want to check on the progress of your order, take a look at this page in Your Account:

So Amazon says I should have the box on December 23.  However, the game goes live on December 20.

Release date... in case you forgot already

And while I have my early access code, nothing on the SWTOR Pre-Order FAQ page says anything about that code being able to bridge the gap between launch date and when I actually get the box.

All I can find is this little mention on the FAQ, which may or may not cover my situation:

Please note: Your copy of the Game may not be reserved for collection after the launch date; check with your preferred retailer for details.

In the past some games, like Lord of the Rings Online, allowed a period of post launch access based on the pre-order code.  Other games have been… less accommodating.  That quote sounds like EA might be trending towards the latter, which doesn’t seem much like the Christmas spirit.  It will be nearly Christmas after all, one of the busier seasons for package shipments, so I would guess that there might be a few boxes showing up late.  It would be nice if nobody had to worry about that.

I suppose there is still well over two months to go before we are in any danger of being allowed into early access.  Plenty of time to work this out.

14 thoughts on “And Now To Fret About a SWTOR Grace Period…

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @TheRemedy – Indeed, though Amazon doesn’t necessarily change your order. I had to go in and reselect my shipping options with the Star Wars Blu-Ray release a week or so in advance to get that option. You’d think being an Amazon Prime member would get you a little more respect. Heh.


  2. Potshot

    I’ve had a somewhat checkered experience with Amazon. As a result, in an abundance of caution, I’m loath to rely on them for preorders. Unless of course there is a vendor specific preorder bonus item I want.

    I’m on the fence because I find brick and mortar vendors nearly equally abhorrent. Retail is the worst form of consumption except compared to everything else.


  3. Bronte is pretty good with shipments though. Whenever I ship something from Amazin, UPS seems to deliver is a day or two in advance of the projected date. So you may get it as early as December 21st!

    If you don’t, please remember that I am a good person try not to come after me with a hacksaw!


  4. Carson

    I’m not sure that “mail order” and “multiplayer games that you want to get into on release day” are a great mix. Was it not possible for you to pre-order at a bricks’n’mortar store that you could be sure of picking up from on release day? That’s what I always do with MMOs.


  5. Gazimoff

    When I’ve used Amazon in the UK I’ve been left disappointed. I missed out on the vanilla collectors edition of WoW as a result, something that I’m still bitter about some seven years later.

    If I want the CE I’ll usually preorder it from the store. if not I’ll order it as a digital download, especially if there’s benefits to doing so. In the case of SWTOR I’m in no rush to do either, so I’ll pick up a retail box sometime in January.


  6. Patricia Dumond

    Actually that particular quote sounds more like “pick your reserved copy of the game up right away or the store might sell it to someone else”. I’d put my money on a grace period, especially if one or more major retailers botch shipping.


  7. James Stephens (@TCF_Hardcover)

    Fear not! For I have braved the land of Origin and bring glad tidings to you all!

    Assuming you have registered your pre-order code with the SWTOR website, Origin – which you have an account for if you have a account; surprise! – has already associated a copy of TOR to your account. This is how you’re supposed to get the client for any possible head-start period before the game goes public.

    And yes, you will need to install Origin to play TOR. EA is making it a requirement for any of their games now. That being said, I haven’t noticed any hits to my games’ performance while running it, and I don’t have the best rig in existence right now. Plus I also have a bunch of other stuff that runs in the background as it is.


  8. rht

    @James Stephens I believe Bioware has stated that Origin will not be required for TOR. I’m too lazy to find a link though.

    @TAGN They’ve also stated that there will be a grace period to get your retail code registered if you participate in the head start.

    None of that hit me when skimming their FAQ, but I’m 99% certain of both.


  9. Gina


    That’s odd, I have Origin installed and have purchased nearly all of my EA games through it, but I never keep that sucker running. And my games play fine. Maybe it just checks when you first fire up the game and leaves it at that.

    In any case, I really hope I don’t have to download the game again at release. Argh, it took nearly 24 hours and I have a decent connection.


  10. Latrodanes

    With a registered early release code, you’ll receive an e-mail when the client is ready to download. at work, so don’t have reference, but I believe it was a recent devpost on SWTOR forums.


  11. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Latrodanes – I am not worried about the actual client download. That is covered in the FAQ. As you say, we’ll get a download option. The potential crimp I see is that the pre-order code on some games is only good until launch day, and then you have to enter the code in the box to keep playing. I don’t want the game to stop working on the 20th while I wait for Amazon. Or, at least I hope I won’t want the game to stop working. We’ll see how I feel in a couple months!


  12. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    FAQ update – It now includes the line:

    You will need to redeem a Game Code if you wish to continue playing the Game without interruption

    Which sounds like if you do not have your box on launch day, you ain’t playing.


  13. Jaws

    Just a lame move. I hope they reconsider. Stupid mgmt decisions like this is what SOE did to run galaxies into the ground.


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