Oh Yeah… Isengard…

I got home last night and went to log into LOTRO and there was a big patch… which I suppose was only a surprise to me.

With all this talk of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s launch date and Diablo III being pushed out to 2012 it sort of slipped by me that the Rise of Isengard expansion was upon us already.

Now Available

Most of what the expansion means to me has already been available to me.  My highest level character is only in Moria and when I have been playing, I have been grouped up with a mid-30s characters going through Evendim.  I am still playing in pre-Moria content.  But we’re happy doing that for the moment.

So the expansion means mostly an experience boost item, a nifty mount, a nice cosmetic outfit.

Nomu dressed for the expansion

Sure, there are some changes that apply to me.  Some stat consolidation, which is probably a good thing, since I hadn’t bothered to figure out what some of the proliferation of stats meant in the first place. (And with devs making up new stats and then getting rid of them.  We had a bunch of that in WoW and EQ2 as I recall.)

Fortunately, Jaquoette at Kitty Kitty Boom Boom has nicely summarized the release notes so even I can figure out what is going on.  Thank you so much for that!

Anyway, I patched up and the game seems to be running fine for me.  But I am a bit behind the curve… which can be good.

We will see this coming weekend, if the group gets together, how any of the changes really impact us.  I thought there was something in one of the class updates about minstrels losing medium armor or some such.  Garfinkel might be a little more exposed.

But it will be a while before we see the Isengard or the pinnacle or Orthanc.

4 thoughts on “Oh Yeah… Isengard…

  1. saucelah

    It might take a little while before the loss of medium armor makes a difference to your group’s minstrel. My highest character (24) is a minstrel — the medium armor he was wearing was all changed to light armor without any stat changes of any kind.


  2. Mazer

    My guess is the medium armor will be the least of your worries, the Minstrel got the most updates of any class. Sounds like an improvement overall, but I’m a Warden so can’t say firsthand. Good luck. : )


  3. Randomessa

    As a mid-30s Minstrel I can say the changes are a good thing. I feel much more boomsticky in Warspeech, at least, and can take on mobs closer to my level and above without hurting at all.


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