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How is the Weather on Planet Michael?

This came up about a year ago.

He ain't smilin'

There was a big press release and a web siteThe Daily Telegraph was on board and asking question… there was even a parody video which BMG pulled from YouTube.

A bit later there was some sort of announcement about the developer, Special Entertainment Events, Inc. (SEE) buying some Entropia Universe content called Planet Calypso (Calyspo wasn’t one of Michael’s genres, was it?) from MindArk, the makers of Entropia Universe, for some 6 million dollars, a move which did not make a lick of sense to me, but made somebody rich… or at least got somebody out of hock.

And then there was a short blurb this past June on MindArk’s site that mentioned that they were were no longer in partnership with SEE.

MindArk wants to inform our users that the cooperation between SEE and MindArk has been terminated. From now on, MindArk will run the operation of Planet Calypso. Participants of the Entropia Universe will not in any way be affected.

And somewhere along the line there was the promise of a late 2011 release… according to the Wikipedia entry at least… an entry that seems to be more about the developer than Planet Michael. (Said developer seems to be primarily in the business of operating mobile theme parks.  Theme park operator to run an MMO! Somebody tell SynCaine.)  Oh and that date got mentioned in a few of the interviews, including the one with the Daily Telegraph.

And since then… there hasn’t been much.  There is a dead Twitter feed and an unattended Facebook page you can stare at.

I guess they still have a “gallery” of screen shots, both of which show you locations you will be able to visit in game… like that street… from that music video…

Imagine lots of people here... or nobody... take your pick...

And of course… that graveyard… from that other music video… from like almost 30 years ago…

Wait, wait... don't tell me... Beat It?

So you must admit, things do not look good for Planet Michael.  My prediction of a year ago that nothing would ever come of this seems to be looking pretty good right about now.

Meanwhile, in what will no doubt become a too often recurring joke of EuroGamer proportions around these parts, GameSpy’s Bennett Ring is reported to be working on another story, this one about what Planet Michael would be like if it were about Michael Nesmith.

No Chimp, just Monkees

Given how things appear now, this Planet Michael looks as likely to happen as any other… and it would have that whole Liquid Paper angle with which to work.