How am I Enjoying Your Closed Beta? What Closed Beta?

Email fun for the night.

A message arrived asking me to take a survey.  It said:

We hope you are enjoying participating in the Game Testing Program and want to thank you for helping shape the most anticipated MMO to date.

We’ve posted a fun short survey for game testers, and the results have been really interesting so far. Answer a few questions and see what your fellow testers are thinking.

So this email came from a well known game company in regards to, as they said, “the most anticipated MMO to date.”  Said MMO is in closed beta and, I think, still under an NDA which forbids you from even telling people you are in said closed beta, so we’ll just omit names.  I don’t want to spoil anything.

Which might be a wasted effort, as there does not appear to be anything to spoil.

The thing is, a far as I know, I am NOT in the closed beta for this anticipated MMO, and believe me, I have been watching my inbox and spam folder just in case.  Nothing in my account indicates that I might be in said closed beta.  In fact, the information required to be in your profile to get into the beta was flagged as “incomplete” on my account.

On top of which, the link that is supposed to take you to the survey… totally doesn’t work.

Right now I think a certain company is just messing with me now.  Damn them.

Addendum: It seems I am not alone.  I guess I can say who it is, but I sort of liked my semi-subtle approach.

Addendum 2: EA/BioWare make a statement.

Earlier today, two e-mails were sent to members of the Star Wars: The Old Republic community. These e-mails were sent to a larger group than intended, and have caused some confusion in the community. We can confirm that these e-mails were from EA and BioWare and apologize for any confusion they have caused. Please note that receiving these e-mails does not affect your chances to be invited to test the game. Thank you all for your understanding!

Reminds me of the time we were working with an email classification vendor as part of a project for the Royal Automobile Club.  They did a test pass on some archived email, which the RAC had provided, using their company email server, which promptly sent replies to the actual customers who had already been replied to previously.  Not a confidence building event.

16 thoughts on “How am I Enjoying Your Closed Beta? What Closed Beta?

  1. shawndrakai

    I received a similar e-mail (similar, who am I kidding? It was the same one!). My husband, who is thoroughly enjoying the testing experience, has not received this letter.

    Rubbing it in isn’t very nice.


  2. Aufero

    Apparently someone mixed up the email lists. Dammit.

    (I notice I got another email at the same time that offers me the chance to pre-order now that I’ve done some testing. Except I’ve already pre-ordered, and I haven’t done any testing…)


  3. Richard

    Yep, I got the same deal. The fun part was if you had gone to their website right after the emails went out (like I did, all excited), their site went down for a few minutes due to “high volume.” So I’m guessing this was a pretty big f-up.

    Oh well, now back to my regularly scheduled LOTRO…


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