Blizzard Throws in a Sparkle Pony as a WoW Magazine Parting Gift

As mentioned a while back, The Official World of Warcraft Magazine shut down after five issues.

As part of the settlement for those of us who still had a subscription, Future US, the publisher, and Blizzard offered a buyout option that included all of the current WoW companion pets and a 2 year subscription to PC Gamer.

You can have this, or you can try and get your money back

The alternative option was to write a letter… the real, physical, on paper, delivered by the post office kind… requesting a refund.  Given that they closed that option with the “Yeah, good luck with that,” I opted for the pets and the magazine subscription.

But the good people at Blizzard apparently felt that was not enough, and sent me this note today.


As you may have already heard, the Official World of Warcraft Magazine has ended its run as of issue #5.

If you haven’t already, you should soon be receiving a letter from Future explaining your options for a refund or premium for the remainder of your subscription. In addition, the folks here at Blizzard wanted to reach out as well and thank you directly for your support. We hope you enjoyed reading the magazine as much as we did working on it.

As a token of our gratitude and appreciation, we’re presenting you with a code for a free in-game Celestial Steed mount so you can cruise the skies of Azeroth in style.

Your code is: [Redacted]

Simply visit Account Management at,, to redeem the code and receive your new mount. Of course, if you already have the Celestial Steed, you can simply give this code to a friend instead.

Once again, thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm for World of Warcraft. The upcoming battle against Deathwing will require all the strength that the inhabitants of Azeroth can muster; the forces of the Horde and the Alliance should be proud to count you among their numbers.


The World of Warcraft Team

The code appears legit.  I started to enter it, but cancelled at the confirmation because… I already have a sparkle pony.

$25 value if purchased retail

So now I have codes for two companion pets and a celestial steed.

I am going to have to get my act together and have a contest soon.  I think the WoW Travel Poster idea is probably going to be the winner, as long as there is some interest in it.

5 thoughts on “Blizzard Throws in a Sparkle Pony as a WoW Magazine Parting Gift

  1. Aufero

    I’d have to resub first, and I’m currently at my personal three-MMO limit. (I’ll probably dump Aion again for SW:TOR when that launches.) Still, the WoW travel poster idea sounds fun.


  2. Bronte

    I think Blizzard took the “Illusion of choice” concept too far into real life. You CAN try and get your money back, but do you really wanna go through that hassle when all you have to do is click on his huge red button?


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bronte – Well, it is actually Future US to whom you must plead, in writing, through the post, for your refund. They have their roots in the past, being an old school (and slowly failing) publisher, and follow the rules sacrosanct to all such grifters, like as “never give a mark his money back.”

    So it was, “Take this wonderful gift right now or deal with Ms. Grundy in customer service between the hours of 7:15am and 7:20am on alternate Arbor Days.” The illusion was pretty thin.

    Blizzard actually had no obligation whatsoever to give me anything, since I entered into an arrangement with Future US and not them for the magazine, and yet they threw me a sparkle pony.

    I kind of wish they had tossed me the new ultra mount, but now I have a motivator for a contest.


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