GM Fypnosous Draws the Low Card, Gets Assigned to Fippy Darkpaw

And that other server.

From the Fippy Darkpaw section of the official EverQuest Forums:


We have some exciting news to announce for our progression players. To help bring back more of the original game feel and to assist with some of the current inter guild raid progression issues we are assigning a server GM. I hope everyone will welcome GM Fypnosous to the servers, be kind to her, and work with her on all raid issues.

I will be bringing more exciting news on changes to how CS is working with the progression servers later this week, so stay tuned!


Head GM Kaeldread
Customer Service Manager
Sony Online Entertainment LLC

Reactions were… mixed, with skepticism being the order of the day for some.  I cannot imagine why.

We shall see if this settles any of the ongoing issues. (Current proposal on the forum: Just run fast.)

Meanwhile, there is more exciting news yet to come… or so says Kaeldread.