SOE Wakes Up, Bans Some Fippy Darkpaw Hackers, Promises to Fix Raiding Conflicts…

There have been some… issues… on the Fippy Darkpaw progression server.

After Ten Ton Hammer rang the bell about hackers, SOE pretty much said they were too busy working on the next expansion to do anything about it.

Apparently somebody found a little free time to work on the issue over at Sony, as this message popped up tonight in the Progression Server forum:

Greetings progression players!

I just wanted to keep the community in the loop on our on-going efforts to increase your enjoyment while playing EverQuest. Without further adieu here are two updats for you.

We have made recent advances in our fight against the evil MQ users. Our first test run of some new information we have has resulted in the permanent banning of 17 accounts and extremely long suspensions for 31 accounts. We know this is just the frosting on the cake, but sometimes that frosting is delicious. This was just our first run, and only on two servers, we promise to keep `hacking` away at these people. For any of the non progression players who may be reading this, don’t worry. Hackers on your servers will start vanishing too, this is not something just for the progression servers. J

As our second update we wanted to let the community know that we have contacted all the leaders of raid guilds on Fippy. We are pushing to work on a more permanent fix to the current difficulties that we are seeing between raid guilds. So, if you are a leader of a raid guild, check your email! Also, if you are a guild leader of a raid guild on Fippy (who is raiding current content) who did not receive an email about this please PM HeadGM Kaeldread.

I guess that was the exciting news that Kaeldread was referring to earlier in the week.

2 thoughts on “SOE Wakes Up, Bans Some Fippy Darkpaw Hackers, Promises to Fix Raiding Conflicts…

  1. wizardling

    I worry these scum are not really hurt by their accounts being banned. After all – if you cheated to level and equip your character, how much emotional investment can you really have in it? I know from my own experience that whenever I resort to a legal cheat in a single player game it’s a hollow victory. Fun in gaming = overcoming challenge. Not _bypassing_ it.

    My point being I think MMO cheaters’ punishments should be _far_ harsher – e.g. ban their credit card from being used again in any SOE game. So what if someone legit shares their card to pay subs? They just learnt a valuable lesson about them and the dangers of sharing a credit card with an unethical person. Say a parent’s kid (or frankly often a kid’s parent!) cheats and the family’s credit card is banned? Sorry – valuable lesson time once again about ethical online behaviour (something no parent seems to install in their kids in _any_ online interaction, but I digress…).

    Maybe if it was more than just a minor inconvenience cheaters would move on to easier targets for their lameness. Banning merely an account? Ha. That’s nothing to someone who ‘loves’ MMOs so much he cheats in them.


  2. Azuriel

    I understand your beef with hackers, Wizardling, but banning credit cards won’t solve anything either. I assume they could pay with a different credit card, if SOE doesn’t straight up sell game cards ala WoW. I’m not sure how EQ works in relation to WoW, but I also assume they’d have to re-purchase the box as well, so there is at least some financial penalty on top of the banning.


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