drag pcorpse enter moonwell

Probably the hardest thing about going back to visit TorilMUD is remembering the odd syntax that used to be second nature to me at one time.

The first two items on the list are:

  • Do not hit return to bring up the cursor in the typing buffer… it is already there waiting for me.  And it remembers my last command, so hitting return will just do that again.
  • Do not put a forward slash in front of every command.  This is the habit ingrained by a dozen years of 3D MMORPGs.  I need to type “say” and not “/say.”

Those two I picked up pretty quickly.  After that, it started to become a challenge.

The weekend kicked off with Gaff’s conjurer Nerral dying.

Yes, I got him killed by the Tako Demon, but that was later, after we sort of got ourselves back into the groove of the game.  That was preceded by some “getting back on the bicycle” antics.

It started with an IM from him tell me he had died in the Faerie Forest and asking if I could help him get his corpse.

I had to chuckle because Nerral is a level 50 conjurer and the Faerie Forest is… a bit tame.  Oh, there are things in the Faerie Forest that can kill any player going at them solo and unprepared, but I didn’t think he was going after Finn or his ilk, which pretty much left Lubberkins and Flower Fairies.

No exit on this map

Welcome to the Faerie Forest

I logged on with my druid and caught up with him at the Leuthilspar gate, which was closed and locked.  He was waiting for it to open.  I had to remind him that you can just say the magic word (“peace”) and it unlocks.

That was once we learned how to speak again (see above bit about forward slash) and not incessantly repeat the last thing we said/did (and the bit about not hitting return).  Once we got past that, he explained that he had summoned an elemental, the conjurer’s stock in trade, and it had turned aggro on him.  These things happen, one of the perils of the profession, and which is something a conjurer can usually deal.

Unless, of course, the conjurer doesn’t remember any of his combat spell, in which case an angry elemental is likely to beat him into the ground, which is exactly what happened.

So he wanted to know if I could run and get his corpse, in case the elemental was still lurking.

And then we stood there for a minute while I tried to remember how to form a group.  Finally I said, “consent me,” which he did, and then I could type in, “group Nerral” which formed the group.  Having him “follow” me would have also allowed me to form a group, but I also needed consent just in case I needed to move his corpse.

That accomplished, I left him there while I ran off to the Faerie Forest.  It was dark and he didn’t have a light source, so he was kind of stuck there.  Thanks to innate infravision, he could see the room exits, but he couldn’t see anything in the room.

I started looking around for his corpse, which he helpfully described as “near a lubberkin.”  That is like saying something is “near a parking meter” in your average downtown setting.  Still, there aren’t that many rooms in the Faerie Forest.  I just had to run through about two thirds of them before I found his corpse.

At his corpse, I immediately cast my spell “moonwell,” which opens a portal between two people on the prime material plane, so long as they are in rooms that all teleportation.  The devs love to limit your options by flagging rooms !teleport.  Leuthilspar, for example, has only one room within it where I can cast moonwell as I recall.

This is why I left him out on the road outside of Leuthilspar, so I could open a moonwell to him.  My expectation was that he could then hop through the moonwell and grab deal with his corpse.

Unfortunately, it was night time, he was in a room without a light, so he couldn’t see the moonwell and thus could not enter it.  I had to bring the corpse to him.  This meant a bit of thinking to come up with the right syntax.

A player corpse can be dragged to move it from room to room, and can be indicated by the player name or the generic name “pcorpse.”  The syntax for that, which I recalled pretty quickly, is “drag pcorpse west” to move the corpse out of the west exit.  But into a moonwell, that took a bit more digging in the unused spaces in my memory before I came up with the right set of commands.

They are the title of this post.  Drag pcorpse enter moonwell.

That finally remembered, I was able to open another moonwell to him and drag his corpse through.

After that, we decided to warm up in Kobold Village.  That seemed like a good place to warm up.  And we know how that turned out.

Still, that forced us to remember the rudiments of the game.

Now I have to remember what all the scripts, triggers, and short cuts I programmed into ZMud over the years actually do.

3 thoughts on “drag pcorpse enter moonwell

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – Au contraire mon frere! The quest log in TorilMUD is quite easily accessible. It is the notepad on the desk next to my keyboard and it is open at all times because the game remembers noting for you.

    But then, the quests in TorilMUD are akin to those in early EQ. They are moderately rare, the quest givers are not obvious at a glance, and if you forget who gave you the quest, you are screwed.

    I remember thinking that EQ had actually dumbed down quests because, you know, they had the phrases you needed to say in square brackets so you didn’t have to sit there and hunt for the right keyword. And then came the great golden exclamation point.


  2. Gaff

    Not being able to kill my ‘mental (he is an elementalist) was a low point. I forgot they aggro if you log out and then come back later. The air elemental was just waiting…normally takes about 3 spells to kill it.


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