Not The Sort of WoW Travel Poster I Had in Mind

Some email subject lines do not communicate their content as well as others.

So when I see something like, “2-Day WOW Sale ends TODAY!” in a subject, my mind is not conditioned to expect this:

WOW, it is a cruise ship!

On the other hand, it is something of a travel poster.  I don’t think Royal Caribbean (who hosted us on the Freedom of the Seas a few years back) is going home with a sparkle pony based on this, but it was amusing to get in a serendipitous sort of way.

But YOU could win a Sparkle Pony, just go read up on the contest!

Still, after posting the first travel poster contest entry from Jazzy, four more entries have shown up in my inbox… not including this one.  The contest is on!

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