The First Entry in the WoW Travel Poster Contest… For Real This Time!

My nag on Monday got at least one person going, as we now have an official entry in the WoW Travel Poster Contest.

Yesterday afternoon, Jazzy sent me this (click to biggify):

Blue water, white beaches... goblins carefully out of sight

This pretty much what I gave as an example, a beach in Tanaris.

I might have chosen a spot that pulled the palm tress in closer.  And, given the tropic topic, I might have gone with “Visit Sunny” or the ever popular “Visit Exotic.”  Also, I would have turned off names… you can see them above the crabs when you zoom in close.

On the flip side, the fonts are clear, and I very much like the way Tanaris was written out.  The subject is a nice beach.  I feel like it might be some place like this:

I put this picture on my credit card

And there is a very nice soft focus effect.  It isn’t cranked up to the “Kirk leers at Yeoman Rand” level (you need special lighting for that), but it is noticeable and it works.

All in all, a very solid entry.

And, more importantly, Jazzy has a sparkle pony headed her (his?) way unless you can do better.

I would like to thank Jazzy for the entry and apologize for holding that entry up for public scrutiny.  My hope is that this will get a few more people going on entries.  And, if nothing else, Jazzy will get a couple extra points toward getting at least one of the companion pet codes for being first.

4 thoughts on “The First Entry in the WoW Travel Poster Contest… For Real This Time!

  1. bhagpuss

    Is there a closing date? I was hoping to do mine this weekend. I had a play around but my non-existent photoshop skills weren’t up to the first idea I had so I’m going to go with something simpler, but I doubt I’ll have time until Saturday.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    You must submit your entry by Noon Pacific Time of Sunday, November 6th, 2011. That will be 3pm Eastern Time which should also line up to 6pm (19:00) UTC if I’ve done my end of daylight savings time calculations correctly.


  3. bhagpuss

    Looooads of time then! I’ve done one now that I just sent off but I may do another one if I have time. I’m having trouble with perspective on the version I really wanted to do so I had to go and take a straight-on screenshot to get around it.

    If I can work out how to alter the WoW screenshot to match the perspective I want, I’ll send another entry.


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